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Maiden's Choice  (1802) 
The Wake on the Green

The WAKE on the GREEN.

YOu nymphs and shepherds that join in the throng,
Pray tarry a while on the bent of my song,
My story, tho' simple, 'tis true that I tell,
I hope it will please you all wonderful well.

I went t'other day to a wake on the green,
I met with a lass as fair as a queen,
I ask’d for a kiss, but the damsel cry'd no,
She struggl'd and frown’d, and said, pray let me go.

I tenderly cry'd, Phillis don’t be a Prude,
But still she reply'd, I'll cry out if you're rude,
The more that I press'd her the more she cry'd no,
She struggl'd and frown'd, and said, pray let me go.

I found no entreaty could make her comply,
When ever I touch'd her, 'twas, fie Colin, fie,
So I sent for a Parson and made her my wife,
And now I am welcome to kiss her for life.

Come all you young damsels take warning by this,
Take care how too freely you part with a kiss,
Conceal for a time all the favours you can,
For that's the best way to make sure of your man.

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.