Mandragora/The Blood

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Published in Mandragora (1917)


I FOUND bright drops of purple blood
Beside a dying faun.
A mushroom-cup had caught that flood
   From the brown body torn.

I took the blood and went apart
   With her whose love I killed.
"Take this and fill with it your heart,
   In place of what I spilled!"

She looked at me out of her pain —
   Sweet saints, on my death-bed
Let me not see that look again!
   Then lightly, lightly she said —

"I take that blood. When we shall meet,"
   And she gave me her mouth to kiss —
"At the White Christ's golden judgment seat,
   I will lie to him of this.

"I will lie to him, the great White Christ,
   About the love you killed.
I will say the brown faun's blood sufficed
   In place of what you spilled."

Softly she turned and left me there.
  And I was left alone;

And her voice came faintly upon the air,
   "A faun's blood shall atone!"

But from where she left me I did not move,
   And never yet have moved.
For I am he that murdered love,
   And yet am I not loved?

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