Marching Men: War Verses/Leave Us Our Tears

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AT your strong hands, O gallant men,
Out of the crucible of strife,
We who once gave, receive again
The sacrament of life.

Lightly we gave amid our joys
That rosed the gift to richer gain,
But you, O lion-hearted boys,
Give out of mortal pain!

Yea, life indeed we take from you,
Continuance of this mortal part,
But not what once as life we knew—
Never the old ease of heart.

Smiling, you faced your fearful task,
But we, remembering, smile no more;
Not even you may of us ask
That we be as before.

Leave us our tears, love's heritage,
Cloud-mists that blur your captured height;
Leave us our griefs, the lamp of age,
The altar-flame of night.