Marching Men: War Verses/The Day He Went

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THE morning dawned both bright and clear,
That unforgotten day he went,
The hills were blue and very near
As if for their encouragement.

The rose that was her special care,
Had come to color over night,
And lifted to the radiant air
A bud half-blown—a lovely sight.

He paused a moment by its side,
Their mingling glances on it fell,
Then his roamed where the hills divide,
Taking of them a mute farewell.

He swept the horizon half around,
Standing erect with kindling eye
That rested where the slope pine-crowned
Went climbing up to meet the sky.

And then to her—with one deep look
That knit her spirit to his own,
Courage and strength of him she took,
And heart to face the road alone.

No word was said; the years behind
Held no regret; and each to each
Gave pledge of what their souls divined
Better in silence than in speech.