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Please read before proceeding

All files should be uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons except those strictly relevant only to the English Wikisource (such as local project logos, copyright-free image files or OTRS secured user photographs). Images on the Wikimedia Commons can be used on all projects, including Wikisource. Further detail at Wikisource:Image guidelines

Use this link for Wikimedia Commons Special:Upload Wikimedia Community Logo.svg
Use the form below only if you need to upload a new image file directly to Wikisource.

  • All images must comply with the free content definition in the copyright policy.
  • The preferred image formats are .jpg for photographic images, .svg or .png for drawings and other iconic images, and .ogg for audio.
  • The {{information}} template should be completed with submissions.
  • Please use a descriptive name; for example, "Page 035 (The Time Traveler).jpg", not "DSC0536.jpg".
Using the form
  1. Please note the restrictions (above) about what files can be uploaded to Wikisource.
  2. Click the 'browse...' button, which will bring up your computer's file open dialogue.
  3. Select a file on your computer and click the button equivalent to 'ok'.
  4. In the Destination filename: field, enter the name you want on the wiki.
  5. Make sure "Watch this page" is selected, which will help you notice if anyone vandalises the image page.
  6. Click the 'Upload' button. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the file and your Internet connection.