Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008/Title I/Subtitle A/Part II

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Sec. 111. Extension of Qualifying Individual (QI) Program.[edit]

Sec. 112. Application of Full LIS Subsidy Assets Test Under Medicare Savings Program.[edit]

Sec. 113. Eliminating Barriers to Enrollment.[edit]

Sec. 114. Elimination of Medicare PART D Late Enrollment Penalties Paid by Subsidy Eligible Individuals.[edit]

Sec. 115. Eliminating Application of Estate Recovery.[edit]

Sec. 116. Exemptions From Income and Resources for Determination of Eligibility for Low-Income Subsidy.[edit]

Sec. 117. Judicial Review of Decisions of the Commissioner of Social Security Under the Medicare PART D Low-Income Subsidy Program.[edit]

Sec. 118. Translation of Model Form.[edit]

Sec. 119. Medicare Enrollment Assistance.[edit]