Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008/Title I/Subtitle C

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Part I—Physicians' Services
Sec. 131. Physician Payment, Efficiency, and Quality Improvements.
Sec. 132. Incentives for Electronic Prescribing.
Sec. 133. Expanding Access to Primary Care Services.
Sec. 134. Extension of Floor on Medicare Work Geographic Adjustment Under the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.
Sec. 135. Imaging Provisions.
Sec. 136. Extension of Treatment of Certain Physician Pathology Services Under Medicare.
Sec. 137. Accommodation of Physicians Ordered to Active Duty in the Armed Services.
Sec. 138. Adjustment for Medicare Mental Health Services.
Sec. 139. Improvements for Medicare Anesthesia Teaching Programs.
Part II—Other Payment and Coverage Improvements
Sec. 141. Extension of Exceptions Process for Medicare Therapy Caps.
Sec. 142. Extension of Payment Rule for Brachytherapy and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals.
Sec. 143. Speech-Language Pathology Services.
Sec. 144. Payment and Coverage Improvements for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Other Conditions.
Sec. 145. Clinical Laboratory Tests.
Sec. 146. Improved Access to Ambulance Services.
Sec. 147. Extension and Expansion of the Medicare Hold Harmless Provision Under the Prospective Payment System for Hospital Outpatient Department (HOPD) Services for Certain Hospitals.
Sec. 148. Clarification of Payment for Clinical Laboratory Tests Furnished by Critical Access Hospitals.
Sec. 149. Adding Certain Entities as Originating Sites for Payment of TeleHealth Services.
Sec. 150. MedPAC Study and Report on Improving Chronic Care Demonstration Programs.
Sec. 151. Increase of FQHC Payment Limits.
Sec. 152. Kidney Disease Education and Awareness Provisions.
Sec. 153. Renal Dialysis Provisions.
Sec. 154. Delay In and Reform of Medicare DMEPOS Competitive Acquisition Program.