Memoirs of Anne C. L. Botta/To my friend, on his birthday (II)

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          He who has walked among his fellow-men
          This life's rough path for threescore years and ten,
          Bearing for others, on the weary way,
          The heat and burden of the toilsome day;
          Sounding the silvery notes of faith and hope
          Whene'er the weak or the despairing droop;
          Speaking the words of sympathy and love,
          Far the wild discords of the world above;
          Raising the fallen, succoring the opprest---
          The Holy Graal of unfound good his quest;
          Holding aloft, a true and blameless Knight,
          The stainless banner of the Just and Right:
          He is the Christian hero of to-day,
          And at his feet my tribute here I lay.