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Popular Copyright Novels


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A. L. Burt Company's Popular Copyright Fiction

Abner Daniel. By Will N. Harben.

Adventures of Gerard. By A. Conan Doyle.

Adventures of a Modest Man. By Robert W. Chambers.

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. By A. Conan Doyle.

Adventures of Jimmie Dale, The. By Frank L. Packard.

After House, The. By Mary Roberts Rinehart.

Alisa Paige. By Robert W. Chambers.

Alton of Somasco. By Harold Bindloss.

A Man's Man. By Ian Hay.

Amateur Gentleman, The. By Jeffery Farnol.

Andrew The Glad. By Maria Thompson Daviess.

Ann Boyd. By Will N. Harben.

Anna the Adventuress. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Another Man's Shoes. By Victor Bridges.

Ariadne of Allan Water. By Sidney McCall.

Armchair at the Inn, The. By F. Hopkinson Smith.

Around Old Chester. By Margaret Deland.

Athalie. By Robert W. Chambers.

At the Mercy of Tiberius. By Augusta Evans Wilson.

Auction Block, The. By Rex Beach.

Aunt Jane. By Jeanette Lee.

Aunt Jane of Kentucky. By Eliza C. Hall.

Awakening of Helena Richie. By Margaret Deland.

Bambi. By Marjorie Benton Cooke.

Bandbox, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.

Barbara of the Snows. By Harry Irving Green.

Bar 20. By Clarence E. Mulford.

Bar 20 Days. By Clarence E. Mulford.

Barrier, The. By Rex Beach.

Beasts of Tarzan, The. By Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Beechy. By Bettina Von Hutten.

Bella Donna. By Robert Hichens.

Beloved Vagabond, The. By Wm. J. Locke.

Beltane the Smith. By Jeffery Farnol.

Ben Blair. By Will Lillibridge.

Betrayal, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Better Man, The. By Cyrus Townsend Brady.

Beulah. (Ill. Ed.) By Augusta J. Evans.

Beyond the Frontier. By Randall Parrish.

Black Is White. By George Barr McCutcheon. Blind Man's Eyes, The. By Wm. MacHarg & Edwin Balmer

Bob Hampton of Placer. By Randall Parrish.

Bob, Son of Battle. By Alfred Ollivant.

Britton of the Seventh. By Cyrus Townsend Brady

Broad Highway, The. By Jeffery Farnol.

Bronze Bell, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.

Bronze Eagle, The. By Baroness Orczy.

Buck Peters, Ranchman. By Clarence E. Mulford.

Business of Life, The. By Robert W. Chambers.

By Right of Purchase. By Harold Bindloss.

Cabbages and Kings. By O. Henry.

Calling of Dan Matthews, The. By Harold Bell Wright

Cape Cod Stories. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Cap'n Dan's Daughter. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Cap'n ErL By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Cap'n Warren's Wards. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Cardigan. By Robert W. Chambers.

Carpet From Bagdad, The. By Harold MacGrath.

Cease Firing. By Mary Johnson.

Chain of Evidence, A. By Carolyn Wells.

Chief Legatee, The. By Anna Katharine Green.

Cleek of Scotland Yard. By T. W. Hanshew.

Clipped Wings. By Rupert Hughes.

Coast of Adventure, The. By Harold Bindloss.

Colonial Free Lance, A. By Chauncey C. Hotchkiss.

Coming of Cassidy, The By Clarence E. Mulford.

Coming of the Law, The. By Chas. A. Seltzer.

Conquest of Canaan, The. By Booth Tarkington.

Conspirators, The. By Robt. W. Chambers.

Counsel for the Defense. By Leroy Scott.

Court of Inquiry, A. By Grace S. Richmond.

Crime Doctor, The. By E. W. Hornung

Crimson Gardenia, The, and Other Tales of Adventure. By Rex Beach.

Cross Currents. By Eleanor H. Porter.

Cry in the Wilderness, A. By Mary E. Waller.

Cynthia of the Minute. By Louis Jos. Vance.

Dark Hollow, The. By Anna Katharine Green.

Dave's Daughter. By Patience Bevier Cole. Day of Days, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.

Day of the Dog, The. By George Barr McCutcheon.

Depot Master, The. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Desired Woman, The. By Will N. Harben.

Destroying Angel, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.

Dixie Hart. By Will N. Harben.

Double Traitor, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Drusilla With a Million. By Elizabeth Cooper.

Eagle of the Empire, The. By Cyrus Townsend Brady.

El Dorado. By Baroness Orczy.

Elusive Isabel. By Jacques Futrelle.

Empty Pockets. By Rupert Hughes.

Enchanted Hat, The. By Harold MacGrath.

Eye of Dread, The. By Payne Erskine.

Eyes of the World, The. By Harold Bell Wright.

Felix O'Day. By F. Hopkinson Smith.

50-40 or Fight. By Emerson Hough.

Fighting Chance, The. By Robert W. Chambers.

Financier, The. By Theodore Dreiser.

Flamsted Quarries. By Mary E. Waller;

Flying Mercury, The. By Eleanor M. Ingram.

For a Maiden Brave. By Chauncey C. Hotchkiss.

Four Million, The. By O. Henry.

Four Pool's Mystery, The. By Jean Webster.

Fruitful Vine, The. By Robert Hichens.

Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford. By George Randolph Chester.

Gilbert Neal. By Will N. Harben.

Girl From His Town, The. By Marie Van Vorst

Girl of the Blue Ridge, A. By Payne Erskine.

Girl Who Lived in the Woods, The. By Marjorie Benton Cook.

Girl Who Won, The. By Beth Ellis.

Glory of Clementina, The. By Wm. J. Locke.

Glory of the Conquered, The. By Susan Glaspell.

God's Country and the Woman. By James Oliver Curwood.

God's Good Man. By Marie Corelli.

Going Some. By Rex Beach.

Gold Bag, The. By Carolyn Wells. Golden Slipper, The. By Anna Katharine Green.

Golden Web, The. By Anthony Partridge.

Gordon Craig. By Randall Parrish.

Greater Love Hath No Man. By Frank L. Packard.

Greyfriars Bobby. By Eleanor Atkinson.

Guests of Hercules, The. By C. N. & A. M. Williamson.

Halcyone. By Elinor Glyn.

Happy Island (Sequel to Uncle William). By Jeannette Lee,

Havoc. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Heart of Philura, The. By Florence Kingsley.

Heart of the Desert, The. By Honore Willsie.

Heart of the Hills, The. By John Fox, Jr.

Heart of the Sunset. By Rex Beach.

Heart of Thunder Mountain, The. By Elfrid A. Bingham.

Heather-Moon, The. By C. N. and A. M. Williamson .

Her Weight in Gold, By Geo. B. McCutcheon.

Hidden Children, The. By Robert W. Chambers.

Hoosier Volunteer, The. By Kate and Virgil D. Boyles.

Hopalong Cassidy. By Clarence E. Mulford.

How Leslie Loved. By Anne Warner.

Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker. By S. Weir Mitchell, M.D.

Husbands of Edith, The. By George Barr McCutcheon,

I Conquered. By Harold Titus.

Illustrious Prince, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheitn.

Idols. By William J. Locke.

Indifference of Juliet, The. By Grace S. Richmond.

Inez. (Ill. Ed.) By Augusta J. Evans.

Infelice. By Augusta Evans Wilson.

In Her Own Right. By John Reed Scott.

Initials Only. By Anna Katharine Green.

In Another Girl's Shoes. By Berta Ruck.

Inner Law, The. By Will N. Harben.

Innocent. By Marie Corelli.

Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu, The. By Sax Rohmer.

In the Brooding Wild. By Ridgwell Cullum.

Intrigues, The. By Harold Bindloss.

Iron Trail, The. By Rex Beach.

Iron Woman, The. By Margaret Deland.

Ishmael. (Ill.) By Mrs. Southworth. Island of Regeneration, The. By Cyrus Townsend Brady,

Island of Surprise, The. By Cyrus Townsend Brady.

Japonette. By Robert W. Chambers.

Jean of the Lazy A. By B. M. Bower.

Jeanne of the Marshes. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Jennie Gerhardt. By Theodore Dreiser.

Joyful Heatherby. By Payne Erskine.

Jude the Obscure. By Thomas Hardy.

Judgment House, The. By Gilbert Parker.

Keeper of the Door, The. By Ethel M. Dell.

Keith of the Bordfcr. By Randall Parrish.

Kent Knowles: Quahaug. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

King Spruce. By Holman Day.

Kingdom of Earth, The. By Anthony Partridge.

Knave of Diamonds, The. By Ethel M. Dell.

Lady and the Pirate, The. By Emerson Hough.

Lady Merton, Colonist. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward.

Landloper, The. By Holman Day.

Land of Long Ago, The. By Eliza Calvert Hall.

Last Try, The. By John Reed Scott.

Last Shot, The. By Frederick N. Palmer.

Last Trail, The. By Zane Grey.

Laughing Cavalier, The. By Baroness Orczy.

Law Breakers, The. By Ridgwell Cullum.

Lighted Way, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Lighting Conductor Discovers America, The. By C. N. & A. N. Williamson.

Lin McLean. By Owen Wister.

Little Brown Jug at Kildare, The. By Meredith Nicholson.

Lone Wolf, The. By Louis Joseph Vance.

Long Roll, The. By Mary Johnson.

Lonesome Land. By B. M. Bower.

Lord Loveland Discovers America. By C. N. and A. M Williamson.

Lost Ambassador. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Lost Prince, The. By Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Lost Road, The. By Richard Harding Davis.

Love Under Fire, By Randall Parrish. Macaria. (Ill. Ed.) By Augusta J. Evans.

Maids of Paradise, The. By Robert W. Chambers.

Maid of the Forest, The. By Randall Parrish.

Maid of the Whispering Hills, The. By Vingie E. Roe.

Making of Bobby Burnit, The. By Randolph Chester.

Making Money. By Owen Johnson.

Mam' Linda. By Will N. Harben.

Man Outside, The. By Wyndham Martyn.

Man Trail, The. By Henry Oyen.

Marriage. By H. G. Wells.

Marriage of Theodora, The. By Mollie Elliott SeawelL

Mary Moreland. By Marie Van Vorst.

Master Mummer, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Max. By Katharine Cecil Thurston.

Maxwell Mystery, The. By Caroline Wells.

Mediator, The. By Roy Norton.

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. By A. Conan Doyle.

Mischief Maker, The. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Miss Gibbie Gault. By Kate Langley Bosher.

Miss Philura's Wedding Gown. By Florence Morse Kingsley.

Molly McDonald. By Randall Parrish.

Money Master, The. By Gilbert Parker.

Money Moon. The. By Jeffery Farnol.

Motor Maid, The. By C. N and A. M. Williamson.

Moth, The. By William Dana Orcutt.

Mountain Girl, The. By Payne Erskine.

Mr. Binigle. By George Barr McCutcheon.

Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.

Mr. Pratt. By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Mr. Pratfs Patients, By Joseph C. Lincoln.

Mrs. Balfame. By Gertrude Atherton.

Mrs. Red Pepper. By Grace S. Richmond.

My Demon Motor Boat By George Fitch,

My Friend the Chauffeur. By C. N. and A. M. Williamson.

My Lady Caprice. By Jeffery Farnol.

My Lady of Doubt. By Randall Parrish.

My Lady of the North, By Randall Parrish.

My Lady of the South. By Randall Parrish.

Ne'er-Do-Well, The. By Rex Beach.

Net, The. By Rex Beach.