Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's life/Preface

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1728. the life of Sr. Isaac in octavo, short but well done. The following memoirs will be reckon'd only as telling of storys: be it so. θI have endevor'd to render them not tedious, nor too many: having suppressed some, that I might give no more than is to the purpose, to show the signs of a rising genius. & what would have been trifling of any other persons, by no means will be apply'd to him who is the subject of this discourse.

the world has now been sufficiently acquainted with Sir Isaac's great acquirements, from his writings. & as now most of those that personally knew him, are gone; I flatter my self the rest, & succeeding generations will be pleasd to know somewhat of his origin, & education, & private life: & that he himself would be the only one of mankind displeased, had it been done in his life time. I know that foreigners have long expected somewhat of this kind, more than has been communicated to the public, & wonderd at our remissness in doing it. I have therefore herein contributed my endevors to satisfy their eager curiosity: till some abler hand dos more adequate justice to it. & for that purpose these papers may administer some help, and they are judg'd not inconsiderable enough to be suppressd. may the reader find a pleasure in perusing, as I did in writing them.

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