Memorandum by Boggs, July 31, 1951

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TO : NA - Mr. Robert A. Fearey DATE : July 31, 1951
FROM : OIR/GE - S. W. Boggs
SUBJECT : Parangdo and Dokdo (islands)

In response to your telephone requests for information regarding to Dokdo and Parangdo, two islands which Korea desires to have Japan renounce in favor of Korea in the treaty of peace, we have tried all resources in Washington which we have thought of and have not been able to identify either of them.

I understand that the Korean ambassador has informed the Department that Parangdo is near Ullungdo. The latter is the Korean name corresponding to the name conventionally used in English, Dagelet Island, and to the Japanese name Utsuryo To. That island is found on available maps and charts, by all three names, in approximately 37° 30' N.latitude, 130° 52' E. longitude.

Since it is difficult to find the name equivalents in the various languages, I am listing below the principal islands in which Korea is interested, in three columns giving the names in European, Japanese and Korean forms.

H.O. Pub. No.122B(1947) page European name Japanese name Korean name
606 Quelpart Saishu To Cheju Do
584 "Port Hamilton" Tonai Kai Tonae Hae
534 Dagelet Utsuryo To
Ullung Do
535 Liancourt Rocks Take-shima (none)
? ? Dokdo
? ? Parangdo

38 Lat
128 Long


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