Memorandum for John N. Mitchell from Murray Chotiner

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April 26, 1971





I heard John Kerry on the newscasts when he appeared before the Senator Fulbright Committee. He was articulate and could be an excellent candidate.

My information covers these points:

1. He had no use for Senator Fulbright.
2. His background could be Republican.
3. He is Yale graduate and is inclined toward the "establishment."
4. He has no use for the Democrats as such. This was shown by his staterment at the hearing that MacNamara, Rostow, McBundy and others were deserters and deserted our men in Vietnam. In all fairness, the MacNamara crowd was ejected by the voters in 1968. At least, his remarksout them indicates his feelings.
5. He was asked the direct question of how he voted in 1968. He said "if he had voted (which he did not), he would have voted for Nixon."

His main purpose at present is to get us out of Vietnam (this is not in conflict with the President's actions).

Some of the television commentators predicted a political future for Kerry.

Someone without officially coming from the Administration ought to talk with him.

cc.: Mr. Halderman


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