Memorandum for Record 25 Sep 04

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Date: 25 September 2004
TO: CSRT President for Detainee  
From: PR23
SUBJECT: Detainee   Witness Relevancy Request

Detainee~requested two non-detainee witnesses to testify that he is not a member of A1 Qaeda. The first witness is his father and immediate family. The detainee wrote, "They know the reason I left Kuwait to go to Afghanistan and the details of my trip and all the things I did." The detainee provided the following contact information for his family:


Detainee also requested to call Sheik Mohammed Wali Allah Arrahmani as a witness. He claimed that his address is in a personal book that was with him at the time of his capture. Interrogators in Baghram told him that this book was delivered to the US forces. I contacted the Camp Delta Military Police Investigation Office where detainee personal effects are kept and they had no personal effects listed for Detainee   in their possession. However, if this witness request is approved, the Detainee’s family might be able to contact this witness.


Detainee   provided this request in writing. The Detainee’s hand written witness request along with the associated translation are attached for reference.

  Maj, USAF
Personal Representative #23