Memorandum for Record 26 Sep 04

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TO: PR23
SUBJECT: Witness request from ISN  
Date: 26 Sep 2004

ISN#   has requested 2 witnesses. The first is his father who the detainee states knew the details of his trip. However there is no indication that his father knew this information from first hand observation but most likely from what either the Detainee or others had told him were the details of his trip. Unless the father has first hand knowledge of the trip, then the information would be not be relevant and the request for this witness is denied.

The second witness is for Sheik Mohammed Ali Allah Arrahmani but no reason for being requested was provided. Again, unless they have first hand knowledge of what the Detainee did during his trip, the information would be not be relevant and therefore the request for witness is denied.

   Col, USAF
Tribunal President