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Maule, Sir John Blossett, Q.C., knighted 7 Dec, 1882, director of public prosecutions 1880, member of the Council of Legal Education, member of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting, recorder of Leeds 1861-80, revising barrister, M.A., Christ Church, Oxon, 1846, from Westminster School, superintendent editor of Burn's Justice of the Peace, 30th edition, a student of the Inner Temple 13 Jan., 1844 (then aged 26), called to the bar 29 Jan., 1847, Q-C. 26 June, 1866, bencher 16 Nov., 1855, treasurer 1882-3 (2nd son of George Maule, Esq., of London); born , 1818.

47, Ennisniore Gardens, S..W; 5, Crown Office Row, Temple, E.G.; 20, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.