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Kahn, Julius, congressman, was both Feb. 28, 1861, in Germany.. In 1892 he was elected to the Legislature of the State of California ; and in 1894 was admitted to the bar by the Supreme Court of California. He was a member of the fifty-sixth, fifty- seventh, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses. He was reelected to the sixty-third congress from the fourth district of California for the term of 1913-15; and resides in San Francisco, Cal.

Kalmus, Herbert Thomas, Queen's University, Kingston, Out., Can. Physics, was born, Boston, Mass., Nov. 9, 1881. B.S., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1904; Ph.D., Zurich, 1906. Principal, Univ. School, San Francisco, 1905; research assoc., Mass. Inst. Tech., 1906-07, instr physics, 1907-10; asst. prof., School Mining, Kingston, Ont., 1910-11, prof., Applied Electro, Chemistry and Metallurgy, Director Research Laboratories, 1911-. President, Kilmus, Comstock & Westcott, Inc., Industrial Research, Boston ; vice-pres., The Exolon Co., Thorold, Ontario, manufacturers of artificial abrasives. Physical Soc.; Chem. Soc. American Institute of Chem. Engineers. Electrical conductivity of fused salts; viscosity of fused salts; latent heat of fusion and specific heats of salts; electromotive forces in the human body, Bacteriological effects of ultra-violet radiations, preparations of metallic cobalt by reduction of the oxide, the physical properties of cobalt, electrodeposition of cobalt, conservation and research, numerous patents, etc.

Kast, Ludwig, of 771 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y., Medicine, was born, Vienna, Austria, March 2, 1877. Vienna, 1896-99, 1900-01; Berlin, 1899; M.D., Prague, 1903; Path. Inst., Berlin, 1903-06; Rockefeller Inst., 1907. Prof. of medic., N.Y. Post- Grad. Med. Sch. Soc. Exp. Biol.; Gastro-Enterol. Assn.; N.Y. Acad. Med.; N.Y. Path. Soc. Physiology and pathology of digestion ; hematology.

Kay, Dr. George Frederick, born at Virginia, York County, Ontario, Sept. 14, 1873. Graduated University of Toronto, B.A., 1900; M.A., 1902 ; fellow in geology, University of Chicago, 190304, Ph.D., 1914; principal of public schools, Zephyr, Ontario, 1892-94. Geologist, Lake Superior Power Company, Sault Ste. Marie, 1900-02. Assistant geologist, Ontario Bureau of Mines, 1903. Assistant professor of geology, University of Kansas, 190407. Junior geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, 1907-. Professor of geology, 1907-; head of the department of geology, May, 1911, University of Iowa. State Geologist of Iowa, May, 1911-. Fellow of the A.A.A.S. (Secretary, Section E). Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Fellow of the Iowa Academy of Science. Member of Sigma Xi. Has contributed articles on Geology and Mineral Resources of Southwestern Oregon and on Bering Coal Field, Alaska.

Kean, Hamilton Fish, banker, of 30 Pine St., New York City,was born, Ursino, N.J., Feb. 27, 1862 ; son of John and Lucy (Halsted) Kean ; married Katherine Winthrop ; children: John, Robert Winthrop. Pres. and dir. First. Nat. Bank, Perth Amboy, N.J.; mem. firm of Kean, Taylor & Co.; pres. and dir. Kean, Van Cortlandt & Co. Realty Co.; dir. Elizabethtown Gas Light Co., Elizabethtown Water Co., Federal Trust Co. (Newark, N.J.), Hackensack Water Co., Nat. State Bank (Elizabethtown, N.J.), North Am. Exploration Co. (Ltd.), Pocahontas Collieries Co., Rahway Gas Light Co., West Hudson County Trust Co. (Harrison, N.J.). Clubs : Union, Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, Midday, St. Anthony, Down Town, N.Y. Athletic, Riding, Metropolitan (Washington, D.C.).

Keasbey, Lindley Miller, professor of political science ; born in Newark, N.J., Feb. 24, 1867 ; son of Anthony Quinton and Edwina Louisa (Miller) Keasbey. He graduated from Harvard, A.B., 1888, Columbia, A.M., 1889, Ph.D., 1890, Kaiser Wilhelm Universität, Strassburg, Germany, R.P.D., summa cum laude, 1892. Dr. Keasbey was professor of political science in the University of Colorado, 1892-95; professor of political science in Bryn Mawr College, 1895-1905 ; professor and head of the school of Political Science in the University of Texas, since 1905. He is a member of the American Philosophical Society, American Economic Association, American Sociological Association, American Political Science Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Professor Keasbey married in Louisville, Ky., June 8, 1892, Cornelia Graham Simrall, and has two daughters. Residence : Inshallah. Office: University of Texas, Austin, Tex.

Keating, Edward, United States congressman at large from Colorado, was born July 9, 1875, near Kansas City, Kan. He is the editor and publisher of the Pueblo Leader. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Pueblo, Colo. Keeler, Harriet Louise, educator, botanist, author ; born at South Kortright, Delaware County, N.Y., in 1846 ; daughter of Burr and Elizabeth A. (Barlow) Keeler. She was educated in Delaware Academy, Delhi, N.Y., and Oberlin College, A.B., 1870, A.M., 1900, LL.D., Western Reserve University, 1913. Miss Keeler was a teacher in Central High School, Cleveland, 0. 1870-71; superintendent of primary instruction, Cleveland, 1871-79 ; assistant principal of Central high School, Cleveland, 1879-1908 ; superintendent of Public Schools of Cleveland, 1912. Miss Keeler is author of : Our Native Trees, Our Northern Shrubs, and Our Garden Flowers, all published by Charles Scribner's Sons ; and joint author (with Emma C. Davis) of studies in English Composition, and (with Mary E. Adams) of High School English, both published by Allyn & Bacon ; also The Life of Adelia A. Field Johnston, Dean of Oberlin. She is a member of the Advisory Council of Western Reserve University, member of various educational associations, and of the Fortnightly (musical), College, Colonial; and Cleveland Women's Clubs. Address : Cleveland Ohio. articles on The Descendants of Jöran Kyn, the founder of Upland, his first American ancestor; wrote the chapters on New Sweden and New Albion in the Narrative and Critical History of America, edited by Justin Winsor ; prepared the catalogue of the collection of autographs formed by Ferdinand Julius Dreer, privately printed in 1890-93. He was delegate to the Columbian Catholic Congress at Chicago in 1893 and has been historiographer of the Alumni Society of the College Department of the University of Pennsylvania since 1890. Dr. Keen is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, the American Philosophical Society, the American Catholic Historical Society, the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution, the Society of the War of 1812, registrar of the Colonial Society of Pennsylvania and historian of the Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Wars. He married in 1885 Stella Maria, daughter of John Marshall and Hanna Martina (Gunvalsen) Watson of New York. Address: 1300 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Keeley, James, editor, born in London, England, Oct. 14, 1867. Came to the United States in 1882; began his newspaper career in Kansas City several years later, and worked in Memphis and Louisville. Arrived in Chicago in 1892 and became a reporter on the Chicago Tribune, being successively promoted to night city editor, city editor, managing editor, publisher and general manager of that paper. In May, 1914, Mr. Keeley purchased the Record-Herald and Inter Ocean of Chicago and combined them, publishing the new paper under the name of the Chicago Herald. Mr. Keeley married Gertrude E. Small, June 5, 1895. Residence, 1309 Ritchie Pl. Office, Chicago Herald, 163 W. Washington St., Chicago. Keene, John E., banker, born in Virginia, March 28, 1853 ; son of Thomas W. and R. E. A. (Jacobs) Keene ; graduated from De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind., A.B., 1877, M.A., 1880 (represented university in Oratorical State Contest, 1877) ; married, Chicago, Ill., Aug. 6, 1893, Florence M. Murray ; children : Floyd E. and Florence R. Vice-president Dime Savings and Trust Co., and vice-president Title and Trust Co., Peoria, Ill., and manager of )Etna Life Insurance Co. Was school inspector of Peoria, Ill., five years, and ex-president and director of Peoria Public Library ten years. Republican ; Congregationalist. Member Phi Kappa Psi fraternity, Knight of Pythias. Club : Greve Couer (Peoria). Residence : 101 Roanoke Ave. Office : 301 South Jefferson St., Peoria.

Keen, Gregory Bernard, curator and secretary of the Council of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania; born in Philadelphia, March 3, 1844; son of Joseph Swift and Lucy Ann (Hutton) Keen. He was graduated as A.B. from the University of Pennsylvania, 1861, and received the degree of A.M. in 1864, and LL.D. from Gustavus Adolphus College in 1907. He was graduated at the Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia and ordained deacon of the Church in 1866; resigned this office and became a Catholic in 1868; and during 1869 and 1870 he traveled in Europe. He attended lectures in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1870 and 1871; was professor of mathematics in the Theological Seminary of St. Charles Borromeo at Overbrook, Pa., in 1871 and 1872, and Tor several years devoted himself to the study of Greek literature. He was corresponding secretary of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania from 1880 to 1898; librarian of the University of Pennsylvania from 1887 to 1897, and librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania from 1898 to 1903, when he became curator of that society. As executor of Professor George Allen, LL.D., he prepared a catalogue of his famous Chess Library, printed in 1878; edited the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography in 1883 and 1884, contributing translation of various Dutch and Swedish manuscripts and pamphlets relating to the early Swedish colony on the Delaware, as well as a series of Kelcey, Herbert, actor, born in England, Oct. 10, 1856. He was intended for the army, but joined a provincial theatrical company and made his first appearance at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, in 1880 and continued in the provinces until Aug. 6, 1881, when he created the part of "Captain Lord Loverton" in Youth, in which he made his London debut at the Drury Lane Theatre. He first appeared in America at Wallack's Theatre, New York, as "Philip Radley" in Taken from Life, Sept. 9, 1882. He has created many notable parts ; was a member of the Madison Square Co., 1884-85, after that with the Wallack Stock Co., and in October, 1887, leading man in Daniel Frohman's Lyceum Stock Co., in which he first appeared as "John Rutherford" in The Wife, and continued with that company until 1896, when he supported Mrs. Leslie Carter, in The Heart of Maryland. After that he became a star, playing "Edward Fletcher," in The Moth and the Flame, with Effie Shannon as leading woman, and has continued to star in various other plays, at the head of his own company. Address : Care of Low's Exchange, 1123 Broadway, New York City.

Keister, Abraham L., United States congressman from the twenty-second district of Pennsylvania, was born Sept. 10, 1852, in Fayette County, Pa. He is engaged in the manufacture of coke. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15 ; and resides in Scottdale, Pa.

Kelly, Clyde Melville, journalist, lecturer and publisher, was born Aug. 4, 1883, in Muskingum county, Bloomfield, Ohio. He received his education in the public schools and Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio. He taught school in Ohio, 1899-1900; engaged in newspaper business in Braddock, Pa., in 1902; was editor and publisher of the Greater Braddock Leader, 1903-05 ; organized company and purchased Braddock Daily News, 1905; consolidated with Braddock Evening Herald, 1907. President of Braddock Daily News Publishing Company, Inc., and managing editor of the Braddock Daily News-Herald. He was elected to the house of representatives in the state legislature in 1910 by the largest vote ever given in the district. In the 1911 session he sprang at once into prominence by his vigorous championing of progressive measures and in a few weeks became the leader of the insurgent forces in the body. He introduced measures for the direct election of United States senators and the initiative and referendum for the first time in the history of the Pennsylvania legislature and the battle waged around them were the features of the session. He was elected to Congress from the 30th District of Pennsylvania in 1912 and has been .an active champion of progressive legislation. Mr. Kelly is Progressive in political faith and United Presbyterian in religious belief, and is a member of the board of trustees of the First United Presbyterian church of Braddock. He is also a member of Valetta Commandery Knights of Malta, Edgar Thomson Council, Royal Arcanum, Braddock's Field Lodge, I.O.O.F., and Husband Lodge, Knights of Pythias. Residence : 18 Corey St. Business address: 412 John St., Braddock, Pa.

Kemp, George Ward, lawyer ; born Northeast, Md., Feb. 11, 1867 son of Edward and Jennie A. (Potter) K.; grandson of J. Potter, Missionary to Sioux, Choctaw, and Cherokee Indians. Educated in common schools of Maryland, 1876-1881, 1883-1884; Danville Seminary, N.Y., 1882; Univ. of Missouri, LL.B., 1891; LL.M., 1892. Lived on farm in Cecil Co., Md., 1867-1.884 ; employed by D.&R.G.R.R., at Salida, Colo., 1885-89 ; practiced law at San Luis Obispo, Cal., 1893-98, the last three years in partnership with Hon. E. P. Unangst, superior judge of San Luis Obispo Co., Cal., for past six years. Practiced law at Seattle alone, since 1898. Was allowed a fee of $2,000 by federal judge in a bankruptcy matter. Was the successful attorney for Schuchard in his case against Seattle, which prevented the city from collecting over $1,000,000 double street assessments. Director and attorney for various corporations. Corporal of local organization of militia, at Salida, Colo., 1889 ; court commissioner of superior court, San Luis Obispo Co., Cal., 1893-98; Natl. Council Member for Washington of Brotherhood of St. Andrew in U.S., since 1904. Member Masons since 1898. Residence : Hazelwood on East Shore Lake. Office : Suite 432 Burke Bldg., Seattle, Wash.

Kempton, Edward S., treasurer Duluth, Missabe & Northern Ry. Office Duluth, Minn. Born Nov. 27, 1848, at Wilburton, England. Entered railway service 1874, since which he has been consecutively, 1874 to 1877, clerk and ticket accountant Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Ry.; 1877 to 1884, clerk freight accounts; 1884 to 1888, traveling auditor and 1888 to Sept., 1893, chief clerk auditor's office same road; Sept., 1893, to May, 1895, chief clerk treasurer's office Duluth, Missabe & Northern Ry.; May, 1895, to Feb., 1896, acting treasurer; Feb., 1896, to date, treasurer same road.

Kendrick, Frank B., manufacturer, banker; born Lebanon, N.H., March 25, 1845; son of Egbert Benson and Emeline (Wood) Kendrick ; educated in Lebanon, N.H.; married, White River Junction, Vt., Feb. 3, 1808, Belle Mary Goff ; two children: one son and one daughter. President Kendrick Davis Co., Everett Knitting Mill, Dr. A. C. Daniels, (veterinary medicine) ; vice- president and director National Bank of Lebanon. Member of New Hampshire House of Representatives, 1889. Republican ; Congregatiônalist. Clubs: Langdon (Lebanon) ; Boston Athletic (Boston). Address: 36 Central Ave., Salem, Mass.

Kendrick, John William, ex-vice-president Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Address Chicago, Ill. Born Oct..14, 1853, at Worcester, Mass. Graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, class of 1873. Entered railway service 1879 as levelman with construction party on Yellowstone division Northern Pacific Rd., since which he has been consecutively, 1879 to 1880, engaged in location of Yellowstone and Missouri divisions same road ; 1880 to 1883, engineer in charge of construction of 160 miles of those divisions; 1883 to 1888, chief engineer St. Paul & Northern Pacific Ry. in charge of construction of main line between Staples and Brainerd, through Minneapolis to St. Paul, Minn., and terminals and shops in connection with same; 1888 to July, 1893, chief engineer Northern Pacific Rd. and leased lines; July, 1893, to Feb. 1, 1899, general manager for receivers same road and reorganized road, the Northern Pacific Ry. ; Feb. 1, 1899, to June 5, 1901, second vice-president same road in charge of operation ; June 5, 1901, to Oct. 4, 1905, third vice-president Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. in charge of operation ; Oct. 4, 1905, to June, 1911, vice-president in charge of operation. Since 1911 consulting railway expert.

Kenedy, Arthur, president of P. J. Kenedy & Sons, publishers, N.Y.; born in Brooklyn, N.Y.; son of P. J. Kenedy, and grandson of John Kenedy, both Catholic Book Publishers; educated at St. Joseph's Academy, Franciscan Brothers' School, De La Salle Institute, Fordham and Georgetown Universities ; is president of the firm of P. J. Kenedy & Sons ; vice-president and treasurer The Encyclopedia Press, Inc.; trustee of St. Joseph's Day Nursery; is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, and Xavier Alumni Sodality. Club : Catholic. Address: 44 Barclay St., New York City.

Kenedy, Louis, publisher, of 44 Barclay St., New York City, was born, Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 13, 1882; son P. J. and Elizabeth (Weiser) Kenedy; educated Georgetown Univ., Washington, D.C. Vice-president P. J. Kenedy & Sons, Catholic publishers and booksellers and mfrs and importers of religious articles. Roman Catholic. Mem. Xavier Alumni Sodality. Recreations: Yachting, automobiling. Clubs : Catholic, Stamford Yacht (Conn.).

Kenerson, Vertner, physician and surgeon, 181 Allen St., Buffalo. Born in Boston, Mass., Feb. 28, 1866. Educated at Yale. (Single.) Served as acting assistant surgeon in United States Army during Spanish-American War, 1898; house surgeon Hudson Street and New York Hospitals in New York City. Member University Club, Masonic orders. Consulting surgeon Emergency Hospital ; attending surgeon Erie County Hospital ; surgeon N.Y.C.&St.L.R.R.

Kenerson, William Herbert, of 100 Morris Ave., Providence, R.I. Mechanical engineering, was born, Mass., Dec: 9, 1873. M.E., Brown, 1896; A.M., Harvard, 1906. Instr. drawing and math., Brown, 1896-99; asst. prof. mech. eng., 1899-1905; assoc. prof., 1905-11, prof., 1911- Consulting engineer; supervising engineer, Gen. Fire Extinguisher Co. M.A.A.; Mech. Eng.; Eng. Educ.; Soc. Testing Materials; Providence Assn. Mech. Eng. (pres). Materials of construction ; power measurement; fire protection.-Modulus of elasticity of steel; losses in power transmissions.

Kennedy, Ambrose, United States congressman from the third district of Rhode Island, was born Dec. 1, 1875, in Blackstone, Mass. He has been a member of the Rhode Island state legislature. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Woonsocket, R.I.

Kennedy, Charles A., congressman, was born at Montrose, Ia., March 24, 1869; in 1890 he was elected mayor of his native town, which office he filled for four years; in 1903 he was elected a member of the Iowa legislature, serving in that position two terms; is an agriculturist, being a member of the firm of Kennedy Brothers, nurserymen; was elected to the sixtieth, sixty-first and sixty-second congresses; and re-elected to the sixty-third congress as a Republican ; and resides in Montrose, Iowa.

Kennedy, Edward H., auditor Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd. Office Pittsburgh, Pa. Born March 1, 1866, at New Brighton, Pa. Entered railway service 1888 as clerk car accountant's office Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd., since which he has been consecutively Dec. 7, 1888, to Sept. 1, 1890, clerk auditor's office; Sept. 1, 1890, to Jan. 1, 1893, chief clerk freight accounts; Jan. 1 to Oct. 1, 1893, chief traffic clerk same office; Oct. 1, 1893, to April 19, 1901, traveling auditor; April 19, 1901, to Feb. 1, 1902, general bookkeeper auditor's office; Feb. 1, 1902, to Jan. 30, 1904, assistant auditor; Jan. 30, 1904, to date, auditor; entire service with the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rd.

Kennedy, James, congressman and lawyer; born in Poland Township, Mahoning County, Ohio, Sept. 3, 1853 ; one of seven sons of T. W. Kennedy, the pioneer furnace builder of that section. Mr. Kennedy prepared for college at Poland Union Seminary, was graduated A.B. at Westminster College, Pa., 1876; studied law with General T. W. Sanderson, of Youngstown, and was admitted to the bar in March, 1879. He never held public position until elected to Congress; was elected as a Republican to the Fifty-eighth Congress, and re-elected to the Fifty-ninth,• Sixtieth and Sixty-first Congresses, from the Eighteenth Ohio District. He married Phebe Erwin, and they have one daughter. Address: Youngstown, Ohio.

Kennedy, John Stanislaus, telephone official, of 15 Dey St., New York City, was born, Corning, N.Y., Nov. 11, 1867; son Thomas (who was for many years connected with the freight dep't of N.Y. Central & Hudson River R.R. Co. at Corning) and Mary Kennedy ; educated common schools; grad. Corning Free Acad., 1885; married Sept. 11, 1898, Elizabeth B., daughter of P. E. Stanton of Buffalo. Entered the employ of the Fall Brook R.R. as clerk, which position held 13 years. Appt'd, 1892, City Clerk of Corning, and served for two years; in 1894 and 1895 represented the second dist. of Corning in the B'd of Supervisors of Steuben County, and for the two following years was mem. of B'd of Aldermen of City of Corning. Chairman Republican City Corn. of Corning for 14 years. In 1898 appt'd postmaster of Corning, by Pres. McKinley, and reappt'd by Pres. Roosevelt; appt'd Sec. of State B'd of R.R. Comm'rs, Aug. 25, 1905; sec. to the Public Service Comm'n, Second Dist., July 16, 1907; now in an exec. position with N.Y. Telephone Co. Mem. Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Fort Orange (Albany), Corning (Corning), Republican, Atlantic Yacht, N.Y. Railroad (N.Y.).

Kennedy, Moorhead C., president Cumberland Valley Rd. Office Chambersburg, Pa. Born 1862 at Chambersburg, Pa. Graduated from scientific department Andover, Mass., Academy, 1880, and from John C. Green School of Science, Princeton University, 1884, with degree of civil engineer. Entered railway service 1889, since which he has been consecutively to 1892, assistant to president Cumberland Valley Rd., 1892 to date, vice- president same road; Dec. 9, 1902, to Jan. 1, 1913, also general superintendent same road ; Jan. 1, 1913,, to date, president same road.

Kennedy, William, United States congressman from the fifth district of Connecticut, was born Dec. 19, 1854, in Naugatuck, Conn. He has been a member of the Connecticut state senate. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 191315 ; and resides in Naugatuck, Conn.

Kent, Charles Sumner, business man ; born Buffalo, N.Y., Feb. 6, 1873 ; son of William M. and Susan E. (Phillips) Kent. Educated in public schools, Buffalo, N.Y.; studied architecture in an architect's office four years; spent six months abroad studying architecture. Married Josephine MacPherson, 1904, at Buffalo, N.Y. In employ Barber Asphalt Paving Co., since June, 1892; Supt. at Buffalo and Western New York; Dist. Mgr., Cal., Ariz., Nev., and N.M., 1904-06; Pac. Coast Mgr. since 1906. Clubs : California, Gamut, Log Angeles Athletic, Union League, San Francisco. Residence: 2405 6th Ave. Office : 1011 Central Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

Kent, Robert D., banker; born Wilmington, Del., Oct. 24, 1855 ; son of James and Janet (Scott) Kent ; educated in public schools of Philadelphia; married, first, Philadelphia, Oct., 1880, Ella R. King; second, Woodbury, N.J., Dec., 1886, Caroline Earl Riddle; children : Janet S., and William R. Bank clerk, Philadelphia, Pa., 1874-1880; organizer and cashier Atlantic City National Bank, Atlantic City, N.J., 1881-1886; organizer and cashier Passaic National Bank of Passaic, N.J., 1886-1899; organizer and president of Domestic Exchange National Bank of New York, 1899-1901; organizer and vice-president since 1902, of Port Richmond National Bank, Staten Island, N.Y., also director of same; organizer and vice-president since 1903 of Stapleton National Bank, Staten Island, N.Y.; in 1903 became organizer and president of the Maiden Lane National Bank, New York, stock of which was bought and bank reorganized as Metropolitan Bank, 1905. President Merchants' Bank of Passaic, N.J.; vice-president Metuchen (New Jersey) National Bank. Republican; Presbyterian. Elder First Presbyterian Church, Passaic, N.J.; director Young Men's Christian Association. Club : Hardware of New York. Residence: 150 Boulevard. Office: 183 Passaic St., Passaic.

Kent, William, congressman, lands, live stock and farming; born Chicago, March 29, 1864; son of Albert Emmett and Adaline Elizabeth (Dutton) Kent; attended private schools in California, Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, Conn.; Yale College, A.B., 1887 (honorary A.M., 1908) ; married, Ojai Valley, Cal., Feb. 26, 1890, Elizabeth Thacher ; children: Albert Emmett, Thomas Thacher, Elizabeth Sherman, William, Jr., Adaline Dutton, Sherman, Roger. Spent twenty years in Chicago, Ill., in banking business and other occupations. In 1890 became a partner of father, firm of A. E. Kent & Son. Father died 1901. Member of firm Kent & Burke Co., cattle feeders and live stock and grain dealers; Genoa, Neb. President Golconda Cattle Company of Nevada. Member Chicago City Council, 1895-97; member Executive Committee of Municipal Voters' League of Chicago, 18971900 and 1907; president same, 1899 and 1900. Elected to 62d congress 1911-13 as representative from second district of California; reelected to 63d congress as Independent from new first district. Author of numerous pamphlets on Economics and Civics. Independent in politics; non-sectarian in religion. Address : Kentfield.

Kenyon, Grafton Irving, merchant and statesman of South Kingstown, RI, was born March 18, 1882, in Wakefield, and received his education in South Kingston High School and Burdett Business College of Boston, 1902. He is senior warden of the Church of the Ascension. Scoutmaster of the First S.K. Troop, Boy Scouts. President of the Woodrow Wilson Club; and a representative in the Rhode Island State Legislature.

Kenyon, William Squire, United States senator from Ohio, was born at Elyria, Ohio, June 10, 1869. He was prosecuting attorney for Webster County, Iowa, for five years; district judge for a while; and was elected to the United States Senate in 1911 to fill a vacancy; was reelected for the term of 1913-19; and resides in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Kern, Frederick J., president State Board of Administration, of Belleville, Ill., was born Sept. 2, 1864, in Millstadt, Ill. For 20 years he was editor of the Belleville Daily and semi-weekly News-Democrat; and has been editor of the East St. Louis Gazette. He has been chief enrolling and engrossing clerk in the Illinois State Senate; and in 1904-12 was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. In 1901-03 he was a member of Congress from Illinois as a Democrat. He was five times elected mayor of Belleville and while serving in that capacity completely sewered and paved the city. He was appointed President of the State Board of Administration by Gov. Edward F. Dunne of Illinois in 1913. This Board is charged with the duty of conducting 20 state institutions, which accommodate over 20,000 inmates and carry on the pay-roll 4,000 employes. The expenditures of this Board aggregate $8,000,000 annually in 1914. Mechanical restraint in insane asylums and corporal punishment in the state schools have been abolished in Mr. Kern's time. The eight-hour system for the employes has been adopted. He is a radical and progressive Democrat and a public speaker of wide reputation.

Kern, William M., treas. Dollar Savings Bank, New York City, was born N.Y. City, Oct. 7, 1863; son J. Ogden and Jeannette C. (Mackellar) Kern; educated in various N.Y, State schools; unmarried. Began as bank clerk in N.Y. City, and since 1894 has been trustee and successively sec. and treas. Dollar Savings Bank. Had two years' mercantile experience with mf'g of cooperage materials in Detroit, Mich., 1890-1892. Christian (undenominational) ; active in mission work ; trustee and treas. 146th St. Mission.

Kernan, Walter N., lawyer and railroad president of Utica, N.Y., was born March 20, 1864, in Utica, N.Y. He graduated from Georgetown college in 1885; and has since practiced law in Utica. He is vice-president and general counsel of the New York State railways.

Kerney, James, born April 29, 1873, Trenton, N.J.; married Sarah E. Mullen. Educated at parochial schools, Trenton and Princeton, N.J. New Jersey Civil Service Commissioner, 1908-11. Director Trenton Trust Co. Inaugurated movement for National Park, now being agitated, to mark point where Washington crossed the Delaware River, 1776. Editor and part owner of the Trenton Evening Times. Receiver for Inter-State Telephone & Telegraph Company. Member of the Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Lotos; Country. Address: Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, N.J.

Kerr, Halbert S., address Manti, Utah. Born Jan. 3, 1865, at St. Michaels, Md. Entered railway service 1881, since which he has been consecutively to 1884, in engineering department Denver & Rio Grande and Denver & Rio Grande Western Rys.; June, 1884, to June, 1885, engineer in charge of construction San Pete Valley Ry.; 1885 to 1888, superintendent same road; 1888 to Sept., 1904, general superintendent same road; 1895 to Sept., 1904, also general freight and passenger agent same road at Manti, Utah; Sept., 1904, to May, 1909, general superintendent Corro de Pasco Ry., Peru, S.A.; May, 1909, to July, 1910, general manager Jalapa Ry. and Power Co., Jalapa, Mex.; July, 1910, to date, engaged in the promotion of railway and coal mining enterprises in Utah.

Kerr, Mark Brickell, mining engineer; born, St. Michaels, Talbot Co., Md., June 28, 1860; son John Bozman Kerr (diplomatist) and Lucy Hamilton (Stevens) K.; grandson of John Leeds Kerr, U.S. Senator from Maryland. Educated high school, Washington, D.C. Married Kate Shepard, June 5, 1888, at Oakland, Cal. Vice-pres. and mgr., Barbarossa Mines. Member: Am. Inst. Mining Engrs. Clubs: Pacific Union, (San Francisco); Metropolitan, (Washington, D.C.). Has written mining articles on Alaska, Cal., Nevada and Ecuador, S.A. Res.: 2428 Hillside Ave., Berkeley, Cal. Office: Mills Bldg., San Francisco, Cal.

Kerr, William Jasper, college president; born, Nov. 17, 1863; son, Robert Marion and Nancy J. (Rawlins) K. Educated Univ. of Utah, 1882-85; Cornell Univ., 1890-91, also Summers of 18912-3. Married, Leonora Hamilton, July 8, 1885, at Salt Lake City. Taught school in Smithfield, Utah, 1885-87; instructor, Physiology, Geology and Physics, 1887-8; Mathematics, 1888-90, and 1891-92, Brigham Young College; Prof., Mathematics and Astronomy, Univ. of Utah, 1892-94; Pres., Brigham Young College, 18941900; Pres., Utah Agricultural College, 1900-7; Pres., Ore. Agricultural College, since 1907; Pres., Bd. of Directors, Oregon Apple Co.; Delegate to Constitutional Cong. of Utah, 1887-95. Member: Assn. of Am. Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations, Natl. Education Assn., Natl. Council of Education, Am. Mathematical Soc., Am. Acad. of Political and Social Science, Am. Assn. for Advan. of Science, Natl. Soc. for Promotion of Industrial Edu. Republican. Presbyterian. Res.: 5th and Jackson Sts. Office: Oregon Agricultural College, Corvallis, Ore.

Kershner, Frederick Doyle, educator; born Clearspring, Md., Aug. 28, 1875; German and French descent; son of Andrew Jacob and Hannah (Lesher) Kershner; father's occupation, farmer; paternal grandparents Jacob and Susan (Spickler) Kershner, maternal grandparents Isaac and Elizabeth (Martin) Leshner; graduated from Transylvania University, B.L., 1899, Princeton University, M.A., 1900; entered the educational work in early life; married Pearl Katharine Archer, Aug. 25, 1909; Democrat; was professor of English and Dean of Kee Mar College, Hagerstown, Md., 1901-1905, Dean of American University of Harriman, Tenn., 1906-1908, President of Milligan (Tenn.) College, 1908 to 1911; traveled and studied in Europe from April to Sept., 1904; was staff lecturer in literature and art for the American Society for Extension of University Teaching, Philadelphia, Pa., 1902- 1905; member of Disciples of Christ. President of Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, 1911. Mrs. Kershner died Sept. 13, 1912. Author of "The Religion of Christ," Revell, 1912. "Christian Baptism," etc.

Kerwin, James C., associate justice State Supreme Court of Wisconsin, was born May 4, 1850, in Menasha, Wis. In 1875-1905 he practiced law in Neenah and Milwaukee, Wis. Since 1905 he has been associate justice of the State Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin for the term ending in 1915; and resides in Neenah, Wis.

Kettner, William, United States congressman from the eleventh district of California, was born Nov. 20, 1864, in Ann Arbor, Mich. For twenty years he has been in the general insurance business. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in San Diego, Cal.

Key, John A., United States congressman from the thirteenth district of Ohio was born Dec. 30, 1871, in Marion, Ohio. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Marion, Ohio.

Keyes, Franklin C., lawyer, of Laurens, N.Y., was born, Mt. Vision, N.Y., July 6, 1866; son of Omar and Mary H. (Cheney) Keyes; educated Ft. Edward Collegiate Inst., Syracuse Univ., N.Y. Law Sch., LL.B., 1895; married, Rochester, N.Y., Feb. 10, 1897; children: Donald Omar, born 1898; Edith Ella, born 1899. Republican. Mem. Psi Upsilon fraternity. Author: Wall Street as America's Monte Carlo.

Keyes, Rollin Arthur, merchant, born Somerville, Mass., Dec. 14, 1854: son of Rollin Webb and Abigail A. (Chandler) Keyes; educated in public schools and Chicago Academy; married, Chicago, Oct. 4, 1876, Katharine D. Officer. Entered business life in 1871 as clerk in firm of E. H. Sargent & Co., retail druggists; entered the employ of Franklin MacVeagh & Co., wholesale grocers in 1872 and was admitted to the firm in 1880; director National Bank of the Republic, First State Pawners' Society. Republican. Clubs, Chicago, Commercial. Residence, Evanston, Ill. Office, 194 North Wabash Ave., Chicago.

Kidder, Camillus G., lawyer, 27 William St. New York City; residence Orange, N.J., born in Baltimore, Md., July 6, 1850; son of Camillus and Sarah (Herrick) Kidder. Educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard College; married Matilda Faber. Member of the firm of Kidder, Ayres & Riggs. Member University, Harvard, Century, Church and Manhattan Clubs, American Geographical Society, Colonial Order, New York State Bar Association and Association of the Bar of the City of New

York.Kidder, Kathryn, actress, of Tuckahoe, N.Y., was born, Newark, N.J., 1869; daughter Col. Henry M. Kidder; resided from childhood at Evanston (suburb of Chicago), Ill.; educated under private tutors at Evanston, Paris and London; studied dramatic art in N.Y. City, Paris and London; married, September, 1905, Louis Kaufman Anspacher. Made debut, Chicago, 1885, in Frank Mayo's play, The Streets of New York; later roles of "Rachel McCreery" in Held by the Enemy, and "Dearest" in Little Lord Fauntleroy; played leading parts in various companies; since 1894, starring in Madame Sans Gene, old English comedies, and Shakespearean repertoire, 1906, "Elizabeth," in The Embarassment of Riches, Wallack's Theatre, N.Y., 1909, The Woman of Impulse, herald Square Theatre, N.Y., 1911, "Elinor" in The Glass House, 1912-13, The Washerwoman Duchess.

Kieb, Raymond Francis Charles, physician and alienist of Beacon, N.Y., was born Aug. 24, 1881, in Lowville, N.Y. He is medical superintendent of the Matteawan state hospital.

Kiess, Edgar Raymond, United States congressman from the fifteenth district of Pennsylvania, was born Aug. 26, 1875, in Warrensville, Pa. He is president of the Eagles Mare Land Co.; and has been a member of the State Legislature. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Williamsport, Pa.

Kilgore, Benjamin Wesley, of Raleigh, N.C. Chemistry, was born, Lafayette Co., Miss., March 27, 1867. B.S., Miss. Agr. Coll., 1888, M.S., 1891; Hopkins, 1896. Asst. chem., Miss. Agr. Coll., 1888-89; asst. chemist, N.C. Exp. Sta., 1889-97; prof. chem., Miss. Agr. Coll., 1897-99; state chemist, N.C., 1899-; director, Exp. Sta., 1901, F.A.A.; Chem. Soc. (chairman, N.C. sect., 1901); Assn. Agr. Chem. (pres., 1900). Methods of analysis and value of fertilizers, soils and feeds.

Kimball, Grace Niebuhr, physician, of 337 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., was born, Dover, N.H., May 10, 1855; daughter Judge Richard and Elizabeth (Hale) Kimball; grad. Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. Infirmary, 1892. Missionary for 6 years at Vau, Asiatic Turkey, 1882-88; med. missionary, same station, 1892-96; conducted extensive industrial relief work during time of the Armenian massacres. Returned to U.S., 1896, and became asso. physician of Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., resigned 1900, and has since practiced profession in Poughkeepsie. Episcopalian. Pres. Y.W.C.A. Am. Med. Assn., Dutchess County Md. Soc., N.Y. State Med. Soc., pres. Board of Trustees S.W. Bowne Memorial Hosp. for Tuberculosis.

Kimbell, Robert Emmet, assistant to president St. Louis Southwestern Ry. and auditor Arkansas & Memphis Ry. Bridge and Terminal Co. Office, St. Louis, Mo., born Jan. 19, 1867, at Little Rock, Ark. Educated in the public schools. Entered railway service 1886 as junior clerk in auditor's office St. Louis, Arkansas & Texas Ry., now St. Louis Southwestern Ry., since which he has been consecutively September, 1886 to December, 1902, various clerkships, traveling auditor, chief clerk accounting department and assistant general auditor; May 1, 1914, to date, assistant to president, same road; Nov. 1, 1913, to date, also auditor Arkansas and Texas Ry. Bridge & Terminal Co.

Kindel, George John, United States congressman from the first district of Colorado, was born March 2, 1855, in Cincinnati, 0. He is engaged in the mattress and upholstery business. He was elected to the sixty-third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Denver, Colo.

King, Willard Vinton, banker, born Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1868; son of William Vinton (cotton broker) and Isabel (Boyd) King; educated in Friends' Seminary, N.Y., Columbia University, A.B. (with highest honors), 1889; married, New York City, April 26, 1904, Mary Spingler van Beuren; children: Willard van Beuren, Mary Spingler. With Continental Trust Co., N.Y., 1890, as messenger; secretary 1898, vice-president 1901; company merged with N.Y. Security & Trust Co., 1904, and he became vice-president New York Trust Co.; president Columbia Trust Co., since 1908; director N.Y. Life insurance Co. Independent; Episcopalian. Member Chamber of Commerce, Governor's Commission on Speculation 1909; member Executive Committee N.Y. Trust Companies Association; trustee Columbia University; trustee N.Y. Association for the Blind; trustee and treasurer American School of Classical Studies in Rome; member Delta Upsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa Society. Clubs: University, Columbia University, Morris County Golf, Amateur Comedy. Residence, Convent, N.J. Address, 60 Broadway, N.Y. City.

Kinkaid, Moses P., congressman, Republican; born in Monongalia County, W.Va., in 1856. Graduate of Law Department of the University of Michigan, president of class in senior year. Commenced the practice of law in Henry County, Ill.; resident of Holt County, Neb., since 1881; member of Nebraska State Senate and chairman of Judiciary Committee; District Judge three terms; elected to fifty-eighth, fifty-ninth, sixtieth, sixty- first, sixty-second and sixty-third congresses, and has been nominated for the sixty-fourth congress. Author of Nebraska One Section Homestead Law now about to be extended to all other public land states.

Kinkead, Eugene F., congressman, was born March 21, 1876; elected alderman in Jersey City, 1898, serving as president of the board; was elected to the sixty-first, sixty-second, and was reelected to the sixty-third congresses; and resides in Jersey. City, N.J.

Kinnan, Alexander Phoenix Waldron, banker and capitalist of 701 Sixth New York City, was born March 13, 1856, in New York City. Ave.He engaged in the wholesale grocery business, and became a member of the firm of J. Romaine Brown and Company; and since 1887 has been engaged in the real estate business. He is president of the Union Dime Savings Bank, and a director of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and other corporations.

Kinsella, M. Joseph, publisher and manufacturer, of Buffalo, N.Y., was born in Medina, N.Y. in 1868. He was graduated from the Buffalo State Normal School in 1894 and from Cornell University in 1900; was admitted to the New York State Bar during the same year. Practiced law for a short time in Buffalo, N.Y., and since then has devoted his entire time to the publishing business. He is the founder, president, treasurer and general manager of The Frontier Press Company which has its home office in Buffalo, N.Y. and branch offices in twelve other American cities.

Kinsella, William J., born June 8, 1845, in Carlow, Ireland; educated at St. Patrick's College, Tullow, Ireland; went to St. Louis in 1870; married Nellie M. Hanley in 1880. President Hanley & Kinsella Coffee & Spice Co.; vice-president and director Industrial Loan Co., or as it is called, The Poor Man's Bank; Mechanics American National Bank; director Mercantile Trust Co.; Mercantile National Bank; Louisiana Purchase Exposition; St. Louis United Railways; vice-president Calvary Cemetery Association; director New Cathedral Board; director and on the executive board of the Hospital Saturday and Sunday Association; Board Governors, also Guardian Angel Settlement; Father Dunne's Newsboys' Home; member of prominent St. Louis clubs. Address, 4422 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.

Kirby, Thomas E., managing director Am. Art Galleries, of New York City; born, Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 14, 1846; son of William Kitts and Mary (Sothern) Kirby; educated Philadelphia public schools and commercial colleges; married, Philadelphia, Feb. 7, 1871, Isabelle C. Town; children: Gustavus Town, born 1874; Mrs. Florence S. Kirby Midgley, born 1881. Began business career at age of 12, as boy with Thomas & Sons, auctioneers, of Philadelphia, remaining -with that firm and working through all departments for 18 years, and in 1876 became connected with George A. Leavitt & Co., the leading art auctioneers, New York City; later became partner of John Ortgies, conducting sales of oriental porcelains, valuable paintings and other art and literary property; in 1882, joined in reorganization of the American Art Gallery as the American Art Association, of which is now the active partner and managing director; has personally managed and conducted the most important art sales held in the United States, which, since 1883, have amounted to a grand total of over twenty-five million dollars. President Mount Kisco Automobile Company, New York. Has traveled much in Europe, Japan and United States. Served five years in First Regiment Pennsylvania State Militia, as private, corporal to 1st lieutenant. Commander Company I; honorably discharged, 1869. Member American Geographical Society, National Geographical Society, New York Historical Society, Navy League, Japan Society New York, Automobile Club of America, Society of Arts, London, England, the Japan Society, London, England, Chamber of Commerce, S.A.R., The Pennsylvania Society of New York (vice- president), Masonic fraternity. Honory member United Typothetae, N.Y.; Fellow for Life Metropolitan Museum of Art. Recreations: Golf, Tennis. Clubs: Union League, Republican, Bedford Golf and Tennis.

Kirkland, Dixon Fay, railway official of Manchester, Ga., was born June 1, 1866, in Lowndes County, Ga., on his father's plantation. He entered railway service in 1883; has been train conductor, locomotive fireman, telegraph operator, in 1889-91 was dispatcher for the Georgia, Southern and Florida Railway at Macon, and in 1891-98 was dispatcher of the Plant System. In 1898-1900 he was trainm aster, in 1900-05 was division superintendent, in 1911 was chief clerk of the Georgia, Florida. and Alabama railway; and since 1912 has been superintendent of that road.

Kirkman, Marshall Monroe, author of Chicago, Ill., was born July 10, 1842, in Morgan County, Ill. Since 1870 he has been a constant writer of histories, economics, industrial and other subjects. He is the author of The Romance of Gilbert Holmes, Primitive Peoples and Carriers, The Science of Railways and History of Alexander the Great.

Kirkpatrick, William Sebring, lawyer, born in Easton, Pa., April 21, 1844; son of Newton and Susan (Sebring) Kirkpatrick. He received from Lafayette College, A.B., 1863, A.M., 1872, and afterward received the degree of LL.D. from Washington and Jefferson College, and from Pennsylvania College. He studied law with H. D. Maxwell, president judge of the Third District of Pennsylvania, and was admitted to the bar of Northampton County, Pa., October, 1865; lecturer on municipal law in Lafayette College; admitted to practice by the Supreme Court of. the United States in 1887. He was president judge of the Third Judicial District of Pennsylvania, 1874-75; solicitor of Easton, Pa.; chairman of the Republican State Convention, 1882; delegate to the National Convention, Chicago, 1884; attorney- general of Pennsylvania, 1887-91; member of the Fifty-fifth Congress from the Eighth Congressional District of Pennsylvania, 1897-99. He is a trustee and was acting president of Lafayette College, 1902-03, also from 1914-; president of Alumni of Lafayette College, 1874; is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and the Zeta Psi fraternity; also a member of the Union League Club of New York City, Union League Club of Philadelphia, and Pomfret Club of Easton. He married in Easton, Pa., May 25, 1873, Elizabeth H. Jones, and they have two sons. Address, Easton, Pa.

Kirkpatrick, Sanford, United States congressman from the sixth district of Iowa, was born Feb. 11, 1842, in Madison County, 0. He served in the Civil War; and for twenty-seven years was in the Internal Revenue Service. He was elected to the sixty- third congress for the term of 1913-15; and resides in Ottumwa, Iowa.

Kirsch, Alexander M., University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind. Zoology, was born, Luxembourg, Sept. 11, 1855. In college, Luxembourg, 1869-72; M.S., Notre Dame, 1878; Louvaine, Belgium, 1881-83. Prof. nat. sciences, Notre Dame, 1876-81, biol., 1888-1903, zool. and geol., 1903-. Lecturer cytol., Cold Spring Harbor. Nat. Geog. Soc.; Soc. Sci. de Bruxelles. Mammalian osteology; Noctiluca; fresh-water sponges.—Sexual reproduction in Infusoria; mollusca of Indiana. Insects of northern Ind. Ordovician Palaeontology of Cincinnati group. In Louvain he studied zoology two years under Prof. J. P. Van Beneden and Cytology under the celebrated J. B. Carnoy.

Kiser, Samuel Ellsworth, journalist and author, born in Shippenville, Pa., Feb. 2, 1862; son of Samuel and Charlotte (Blackstone) Kiser. He was educated in the common schools of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and entered in the newspaper business in Cleveland, 0., in 1890, as reporter. In 1896, Mr. Kiser began furnishing daily columns of humorous sketches and verses for the Cleveland Leader. Since then he has contributed to many newspapers and magazines. Mr. Kiser is author of the books: Bud Wilkins at the Show, and Other Verses, 1898; Georgie, 1890; Love Sonnets of an Office Boy, 1902; Ballads of the Busy Days, 1903; Charles the Chauffeur, 1905; Thrills of a Bell Boy, 1906; The Whole Glad Year, 1911; The Land of Little Care, 1912, and has had considerable success as a reader of selections from his own writings. He is a member of the Evanston Golf, Evanston University, Chicago Little Room, and Chicago Cliff Dwellers Clubs. Mr. Kiser married at Cleveland, Oh., Mildred M. Palmer, and they have two children.