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Queen Elizabeth

Was born at Greenwich, Sept. 7, 1533, and may therefore be claimed as a Kentish woman. It is, of course, unnecessary to refer to her history here, further than to say that not only was she born in the county but frequently visited it, making the palace of "Placentia" her home. It was off Greenwich she visited the 'Golden Hind,' the ship in which Drake had "compassed the world," and after dinner, knighted the famous captain. During her progresses she stayed at, amongst other places, Rochester (for five days in 1573); Cobham Hall; Sandwich, 1572, when the streets were hung with garlands of vine leaves, and her Majesty was "very merrie;" Boughton Malherbe, with Sir Henry Wotton, in 1573; and Bedgbury Park with the Colepepers.

[See "Nichols's Progresses of Queen Elizabeth."]