Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Abney, William de Wiveleslie

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ABNEY, Captain, William de Wiveslie, F.R.S., was born at Derby in 1843, and educated at Rossall, and privately, and at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich. He was appointed lieutenant in the Royal Engineers in 1861, and captain in 1873. He was formerly Instructor in Chemistry to the Royal Engineers, Chatham, and is now Inspector for Science in the Science and Art Department. He was one of the scientific observers of the Transit of Venus in 1874. His works are:—"Instruction in Photography;" "Emulsion Photography;" and "Thebes and its Five Greater Temples." He is also the author of many papers in the Philosophical Transactions, and the Proceedings of the Royal Society and the Philosophical Magazine. He obtained the Rumford Medal of the Royal Society in 1883, for his researches in photography and spectrum analysis. He served as a juror in the Electric Exhibition.