Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Allies, Thomas William

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ALLIES, Thomas William, the son of a gentleman of Bristol, was born in 1813, and educated at Eton, where he obtained the Newcastle Scholarship. He afterwards became in succession Scholar and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1832, taking a first-class in classics. He became examining chaplain to Dr. Blomfield, Bishop of London, who appointed him, in 1842, to the rectory of Launton, Oxfordshire, which he resigned in 1850, on becoming a Roman Catholic. He had previously published a volume of sermons, a work, entitled, "The Church of England cleared from the charge of Schism, upon testimonies of Councils and Fathers of the first six centuries," 1846, 2nd ed., 1848; and "Journal in France in 1845 and 1848, with Letters from Italy in 1847—of Things and Persons concerning the Church and Education," 1849. To give the grounds of his conversion he wrote, "The See of St. Peter, the Rock of the Church, the Source of Jurisdiction, and the Centre of Unity," 1850; preceded by, "The Royal Supremacy viewed in reference to the two Spiritual Powers of Order and Jurisdiction," 1850. Since, he has written "St. Peter, his Name and Office as set forth in Holy Scripture," 1852, 2nd ed., 1871; "The Formation of Christendom," 3 parts, 1865–75; "Dr. Pusey and the Ancient Church," 1866; "Germany, Italy, and the Jesuits. A speech delivered before the Catholic Union, July, 1872"; "Per Crucem ad Lucem, the Result of a Life," 2 vols. 1879; "A Life's Decision," 1880; and "Church and State as seen in the Formation of Christendom," 1882. Mr. Allies was appointed Secretary to the Catholic Poor-School Committee for Great Britain in 1853.