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822481Men of the Time, eleventh edition — Arthur, WilliamThompson Cooper

ARTHUR, The Rev. William, Wesleyan minister, was born in Ireland, 1819, and educated at Hoxton College. In 1839 he went to India, where he was engaged for some years in missionary work. He resided in France from 1846 to 1848, since which time he has held the office of Secretary to the Methodist Missionary Society. For some years Mr. Arthur was President of the Methodist College at Belfast, which office he vacated in 1871. He is author of "A Mission to the Mysore, with scenes and facts illustrative of India, its People, and its Religion" (1847); "The Successful Merchant: sketches of the life of Mr. Samuel Budgett" (1852)—this has been translated into Welsh; "The Tongue of Fire, or True Power of Christianity" (1856); "Italy in Transition: public scenes and private opinions in the spring of 1860, illustrated by official documents from the Papal archives of the revolted Legations" (1860); and numerous pamphlets.