Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Belloc, Anne Swanton Louise

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BELLOC, Madame Anne Swanton Louise, widow of J. H. Belloc, director of the French Imperial School of Design, born at La Rochelle, Oct. 1, 1796, is the daughter of an Irish officer in the French service, named O'Keefe, who gave her an excellent English education. She has made the writings of Miss Edgeworth, the "Vicar of Wakefield," &c., popular in France, and has translated Moore's "Life of Byron" into French. Madame Belloe is best known for her labours in the cause of female education in France. Assisted by Mdlle. Montgolfier, she organized a select circulating library, designed to supplant in some measure those reading-rooms which introduced the most dangerous works to the public. The two ladies combined in editing a monthly journal for the use of families, and in the preparation of books, some of which received the honours of the Académie, intended for the young.