Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Blair, Montgomery

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BLAIR, Montgomery, born in Franklin County, Kentucky, May 10, 1813. He graduated in 1835 at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and served in the war against the Seminole Indians in Florida. Resigning his commission in 1836, he studied law, and was admitted to the bar at St. Louis, and from 1839 to 1849 held civil and judicial positions in Missouri. In 1852 he removed to Maryland, and was appointed solicitor of the United States in the Court of Claims. He had been a Democrat, but upon the repeal of the Missouri Compromise joined the Republican party, and was removed from office by President Buchanan. In 1861 he was appointed by President Lincoln Postmaster-General, retaining the office till 1864, when he resigned. Having become dissatisfied with the policy of the Republicans, he joined their opponents, and has since acted with the Democrats. With the exception of one term in Legislature (1876–77), he has held no office for some years.