Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Droysen, John Gustavus

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DROYSEN, John Gustavus, Professor of History at Berlin, was born July 6, 1808, at Treptow, in Pomerania, and in 1835 became Professor in the University of Berlin, in 1840 in Kiel, in 1848 was intrusted with a commission from the provisional government of the Elbe Duchies to Frankfort, and became at a later date Member of the Parliament at Frankfort, and Secretary of the Constitutional Committee. In 1851, Dr. Droysen was nominated a Professor in the University of Jena, and in 1859 returned to Berlin, where he still remains. He is a Chevalier of the Order of Leopold of Belgium, and of the Order of the House of Ernest of Saxony. He has written a "History of Alexander the Great," 1837; "History of Hellenism," 2 vols., 1836–43; "Lectures on the History of the War of Freedom," 2 vols., 1846; "Life of F. Marshall, Count York of Wartenburg," 2 vols., 4th edit., 1863; "History of Danish Politics from Acts and Documents," conjointly with Samwer, 1850; and a "History of Prussian Politics," vols. i.–x., 1855–70. Dr. Droysen has also edited "A Translation of Æschylus," 3rd edit., 1868; and a "Translation of Aristophanes," 2nd edit. 1869.