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The Merchant of Venice

ACTS:(not individually listed)


The Duke of Venice

Morochus, a Prince, and a Suitor to Portia

The Prince of Arragon, Suitor also to Portia

Bassanio, an Italian Lord, Suitor likewise to Portia

Antonio, a Merchant of Venice

Salarino Gentlemen of Venice, and Companions with Bassanio

Shylock, the rich Jew, and Father to Jessica

Tubal, a Jew, Shylock’s Friend


Portia, the rich Italian Lady

Merissa, her waiting-Gentlewoman

Jessica, Daughter to Shylock


Gobbo, an old man, Father to Lancelot

Lancelot Gobbo, the Clown

Stephano, a Messenger

[Leonardo, Servant to Bassanio

Balthazar, Servant to Portia]


Gaoler and Attendants [Magnificoes of Venice, Officers of the Court of Justice, Servants to Portia]


[Scene: Alternately at Venice and at Portia's house, Belmont, on the mainland.]


Dramatis Personæ; cf. n.