Miami News-Record/1930/Three Youths In Public Eye At Aviation Races Chicago

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Three Youths In Public Eye At Aviation Races Chicago  (1930) 
Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in the Miami News-Record of Miami, Oklahoma on 28 August 1930 by the Associated Press.jpg

Three Youths In Public Eye At Aviation Races Chicago. August 28, 1930 (Associated Press) Boys will be pilots, say Eddie and Walter and Eldon. Eddie Schneider is only 18, a curly-headed Jersey City, New Jersey, blond who has been flying two years and now holds the junior transcontinental records, both west-east and east-west. Walter Brunker of Maywood, Illinois, is 21, and never was off the ground until last June 29. No one ever heard of him until the National Air Races, but since the races started last Saturday, they have heard plenty. Walter has won first place in three primary glider contests. Eldon Cessna of Wichita, Kansas, is "dean" of the "baby fliers" in age, for he is 23; but he flies the tiniest plane. The ship, in which he flew here from Wichita, is powered by a two-cylinder opposed motor. He used only 18 gallons of gasoline and one pint of oil in flying the approximately 700 miles from Wichita in 12 hours and 10 minutes. Walter Brunker, who works in a machine shop by days and does his glider practice at night, said rather regretfully today that he "wasn't much of a glider — yet." Flying his little red monoplane with only 110 horsepower at his command, Eddie Schneider demonstrated to great throngs of air fans yesterday that despite his youth he has what fliers term the "feel of the air." He maneuvered his ship around the field with the nonchalant assurance of the great Marcel Doret of France, and as an added thrill he landed it and stopped it in a space of less than 600 feet. "Father was against my flying" related Eddie, "but he's convinced now. In fact he's helping to back all my flights. All I want to do is fly."

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