Mind the Paint

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Mind the Paint  (1912) 
by Jerome Kern (music) and Arthur Pinero (lyrics)

Song from the musical Mind the Paint Girl.

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I've a very charming dwelling,
You know where without the telling,
Decorated in a style that's rather quaint,
Smart and quaint,
When you pay my house a visit,
You may scutinize or quizit,
But, you must not touch the paint,
Brand new paint.


Mind the paint, Be careful, Mind the paint.
Fingerprints will always show however faint.
Once you smear it, or you scratch it,
It's impossible to match it,
Take care
Do be careful!
Mind the paint!


I'm possessed of all the graces,
Oh, a perfect dr-r-ream my face is!
It may owe to art a trifle or it mayn't
Or it mayn't,
And I'll cry out for assistance,
Should you fail to keep your distance,
"Goodness gracious, mind the paint,
Mind the paint."

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