Mir Mission Chronicle/Acronyms

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APAS androgynous perandrogynous peripheral assembly system
APDA androgynous peripheral docking assembly
APDS androgynous peripheral docking system
CADMOS [CNES mission control center]
CFM Candle Flame in Microgravity
CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales
DM Docking Module
EDLS Enhanced Dyamic Load Sensors
ESA European Space Agency
ESEF European Space Exposure Facility
EVA extravehicular activity
GSC grab sample container
IMU inertial measurement unit
MCSA Mir Cooperative Solar Array
MEEP Mir Environmental Effects Payload
MIM Microgravity Isolation Mount
MIPS Mir interface-to-payload systems
MIRAS Mir Infrared Atmospheric Spectrometer
MOMS Modular Optoelectronic Multispectral Scanner
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NIVR Dutch National Institute for Aerospace Programs
ODS Orbiter Docking System
OLiPSE Optizon Liquid Phase Sintering Experiment
OMS orbital maneuvering system
OSVS Orbiter space vision system
PASDE Photogrammetric Appendage Structural Dynamics Experiment
PLSS portable life support system
POSA Anticipatory Postural Activity
QUELD Queen’s University Experiment in Liquid Diffusion
RCS reaction control system
RMS remote manipulator system
RSA Russian Space Agency
SAFER simplified aid for EVA rescue
SAMS Space Acceleration Measurement System
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SPK Stredstvo Peredvizheniy Kosmonatov [cosmonaut maneuvering unit]
SSAS Solid Sorbent Air Sampler
STS- Space Transportation System [designation for U.S. Space shuttle missions]
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TEPC Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter
TI terminal [phase] initiation
TSuP Tsentr Upravleniya Polyotami [Russian flight control center]