Mongolia, the Tangut country, and the solitudes of northern Tibet/Volume 2/The Manul

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P. 187.

This species is intermediate between the cats and the lynxes, but its tail is much longer than that of the lynx and its ears are not pencillated. It is said to possess one tearing tooth fewer than the typical cats; but still it belongs to the genus Felis. In its general habits it differs from all its congeners, being found in bleak and exposed places, generally among rocks, where it seeks its food by chase rather than by stratagem. That food consists chiefly of hares and other rodent animals; but, true to the habits of the genus, it preys during the night. It does not climb trees or enter forests, and, according to all the accounts we have of it, it differs greatly from the rest of the genus. It combines with the characters of the cats and lynxes some at least of the habits of the fox.'[1]

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