My Airships

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My Airships  (1904) 
by Alberto Santos-Dumont

Autobiography by the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont, first released in French and English in 1904.
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Santos-Dumont standing with his hands behind his back in a suit and hat



The Story of My Life





Introductory Fable 1
I. The Coffee Plantation 10
II. Paris—Professional Balloonists—Automobiles 24
III. My First Balloon Ascent 33
IV. My "Brazil"—Smallest of Spherical Balloons 42
V. The Real and the Imaginary Dangers of Ballooning 51
VI. I Yield to the Steerable Balloon Idea 63
VII. My First Air-Ship Cruises (1898) 74
VIII. How It Feels to Navigate the Air 82
IX. Explosive Engines and Inflammable Gases 100
X. I Go in for Air-Ship Building 114
XI. The Exposition Summer 133
XII. The Deutsch Prize and its Problems 153
XIII. A Fall Before a Rise 164
XIV. The Building of My "No. 6" 180
XV. Winning the Deutsch Prize 190
XVI. A Glance Backward and Forward 205
XVII. Monaco and the Maritime Guide Rope 217
XVIII. Flights in Mediterranean Winds 232
XIX. Speed 243
XX. An Accident and its Lessons 256
XXI. The First of the World's Air-Ship Stations 264
XXII. My "No. 9," the Little Runabout 282
XXIII. The Air-Ship in War 303
XXIV. Paris as a Centre of Air-Ship Experiments 318
Concluding Fable 327

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