New Jersey Statutes Annotated/Title 58/Chapter 11A

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  • Section 11A-1. Short title
  • Section 11A-2. Legislative findings
  • Section 11A-3. Definitions
  • Section 11A-4. Areawide waste treatment management planning areas; designation; county board of chosen freeholders as designated areawide planning agency
  • Section 11A-5. Areawide plan; preparation; contents; county water quality management plan
  • Section 11A-6. Consultation with concerned county planning board and policy or technical advisory council
  • Section 11A-7. Continuous planning process of commissioner
  • Section 11A-7.1 Designated sewer service areas, certain, approvals revoked.
  • Section 11A-8. Comprehensive public participation program
  • Section 11A-9. Rules and regulations
  • Section 11A-10. Development and conduct of projects and activities affecting water quality consistent with adopted areawide plan
  • Section 11A-11. Liberal construction; severability
  • Section 11A-12. Aquifer recharge area defined
  • Section 11A-13. Methodology
  • Section 11A-14. Map of aquifer recharge areas
  • Section 11A-15. Map, methodology as guidance
  • Section 11A-16. Rules, regulations.