New Jersey Statutes Annotated/Title 58/Chapter 1B

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  • Section 1B-1. Short title
  • Section 1B-2. Legislative findings
  • Section 1B-3. Definitions
  • Section 1B-4. Establishment; members; officers; quorum; vote necessary; bonds; approval; veto of any action by Governor; official bond; reimbursement of expenses; dissolution
  • Section 1B-5 Water supply facilities operated by authority, disposition of revenue.
  • Section 1B-6 Powers and duties of authority.
  • Section 1B-7. Powers
  • Section 1B-8. Eminent domain; determination of compensation; public utility facilities; relocation or removal
  • Section 1B-9 Issuance of bonds.
  • Section 1B-9.1 Annual appropriation to authority for certain energy or water expenses.
  • Section 1B-9.2 New Jersey Water Supply Authority Round Valley Fund.
  • Section 1B-10. Bonds; resolution; covenants by authority and contracts with holders
  • Section 1B-11. Pledge of revenues, moneys, funds or other property; lien; priority over other claimants
  • Section 1B-12. No personal liability on bonds
  • Section 1B-13. Reserves, funds or accounts; establishment
  • Section 1B-14. Pledges, covenants and agreements with holders of bonds by state
  • Section 1B-15. Bonds as legal investment
  • Section 1B-16. Lease, loan, grant or conveyance of real property by any governmental entity
  • Section 1B-17. Maintenance and operation of projects; employees
  • Section 1B-18. Inapplicability of act to construction, operation or repair of retail water system or project
  • Section 1B-19. Establishment and collection of rates, rents, fees and charges; contracts for acquisition; cooperation with public or private entity for acquisition or construction; agreements
  • Section 1B-20. Annual report and audit
  • Section 1B-21. Services by state agencies; Attorney General as counsel
  • Section 1B-22 Authority contracts.
  • Section 1B-23. Tax exemption; projects and other property; exceptions; bonds; exemption from local zoning
  • Section 1B-24. Transfer of water supply facilities element in division of water resources of department of environmental protection to authority
  • Section 1B-25. Transfers in accordance with state agency transfer act