New Jersey Statutes Annotated/Title 58/Chapter 24

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  • Section 24-1. Inspection of beds and shellfish
  • Section 24-2. Condemnation of beds dangerous to health
  • Section 24-3. Condemned beds; prohibition of taking; distribution, sale or possession; permit; fee
  • Section 24-4. Distribution, sale or possession of shellfish; prima facie evidence of intent for use as food
  • Section 24-5. Prohibition of discharge of polluting matter
  • Section 24-6. Order on growing, handling of shellfish, disposal of polluting matter
  • Section 24-7. Inspection of places and samples of shellfish
  • Section 24-8. Employees; supplies; leases
  • Section 24-9. Violations; penalties
  • Section 24-10. Vessel, vehicle or equipment used in violations; confiscation and forfeiture; disposal
  • Section 24-10.1. Additional penalties
  • Section 24-13. "Monmouth County Clam Depuration and Relay Program Fund," established
  • Section 24-14. Act not to affect other authority