New Jersey Statutes Annotated/Title 58/Chapter 4

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  • Section 4-1 Reservoir, dam restrictions.
  • Section 4-2. Approval of plans of reservoirs and dams
  • Section 4-3. Descriptions, surveys and plans of existing reservoirs and dams
  • Section 4-4. Inspection of reservoirs and dams
  • Section 4-5 Alterations, additions and repairs of unsafe reservoirs or dams; duties of owner.
  • Section 4-6 Enforcement powers of department, civil, criminal; violations, penalties.
  • Section 4-8. Personnel to conduct inspections
  • Section 4-8.1. Short title
  • Section 4-8.2. Periodic dam safety inspection and reporting procedure
  • Section 4-9. Maintenance of existing reservoirs and dams; petition against abandonment
  • Section 4-10. Hearing on petition; fixing low-water mark; maintenance expenses
  • Section 4-11 Findings, declarations relative to dam repair, lake dredging and stream cleaning.
  • Section 4-12 "Dam, Lake and Stream Project Fund."
  • Section 4-13 Annual report.
  • Section 4-14 Archaeological findings on reservoir lands protected.