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The Baldwin Robbery  (1866) 

The Baldwin Robbery. The examination of Charles Lindauer, one of the persons suspected of participating in the Baldwin robbery, some time since, was continued yesterday afternoon before Justice Sandford. Lindauer persistently denies his guilt, alleging that he was in New York on the night of the robbery. Lewis Lindauer, the brother of Charles, being examined; said that the first time he was in this city before his arrest was on the 5th of December, and that he was not in the jewelry establishment of Messrs. Baldwin & Co., a few mornings previous to the robbery. He had not seen Charles in possession of any jewelry for the last two months. David Van Orden, an employee of Baldwin & Co., testified as to the appearance of things at the factory after the discovery of the robbery. He recollected two men calling at the factory about two weeks previous to the robbery, about 6 1/2 o'clock, A.M., and thought he recognized one of the prisoners (Charles). On the morning of the same day he saw on Broad street two men who looked like the persons accused. Timothy Crane, an apprentice, fully recognized Charles as one of the persons who visited the factory. The investigation is still in progress.

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