Nobody's Boy

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I My Village Home 1
II My Adopted Father 10
III Signor Vitalis' Company 21
IV The Maternal House 35
V En Route 43
VI My Début 49
VII Child and Animal Learning 61
VIII One Who Had Known a King 67
IX Arrested 74
X Homeless 85
XI Another Boy's Mother 109
XII The Master's Consent 120
XIII Weary Dreary Days 128
XIV The Death of Pretty-Heart 148
XV Faithful Friends 163
XVI The Padrone 169
XVII Poor Vitalis 184
XVIII New Friends 194
XIX Disaster 205
XX Mattia 220
XXI Meeting Old Friends 236
XXII Imprisoned in a Mine 244
XXIII Once More Upon the Way 262
XXIV Friendship That is True 270
XXV Mother, Brothers and Sisters 294
XXVI Bitter Disappointment 304
XXVII A Distressing Discovery 312
XXVIII A Mysterious Stranger 330
XXIX In Prison 335
XXX Escape 345
XXXI Hunting for the Swan 353
XXXII Finding a Real Mother 359
XXXIII The Dream Come True 368