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Charles Cross.

AMONG those who have distinguished themselves in colonial life few are so well known as Mr. Charles Cross, of Gawler. Through his "Indigestion Drops" his name has become a household word and achieved more than an Australian reputation. He was born in London, October 15, 1845, and landed in South Australia in 1853. Having a natural turn for chemical and medical enquiries, he entered the employment of Mr. Scammell, chemist, of Port Adelaide, and subsequently, upon that gentleman becoming a partner in the firm of Faulding and Co., he was transferred to Adelaide. During the time of his long engagement with this firm he devoted himself to the study of drugs and the various diseases to which the human frame is liable; having acquired a thorough knowledge of the former, his enquiring mind was directed to the cause of disease, and he became satisfied that there must be a primary origin for all complaints. In the course of his studies he encountered the subject of homoeopathy, then attracting much attention, and with a view to widen his experience he entered the employ of Mr. E. S. Wigg, homoeopathic chemist, remaining there some years, and having the management of his pharmacy. During this period he had frequent opportunities of observing the treatment pursued by Drs. H. Wheeler and Allan Campbell, Esq., M.L.C., from which he derived increasing knowledge and a fresh stimulus to his studies. Having purchased a first-class old established business at Gawler, with his usual energy it rapidly improved, enabling him to devote time to the careful watching of the action of the various drugs and herbs he was constantly prescribing. Being convinced that there was a primal cause for all disease, he did not cease his efforts until he had made the discovery, and with it the remedy required. Mr. Cross, besides being a student, is a thoroughly practical and energetic man, and at once proceeded to make his discovery known. His "Indigestion Drops" have found their way into various parts of the globe, and by a strange coincidence his first wholesale order was executed upon the anniversary of his birthday. This remedy has now been before the public for several years, and its benefits have been acknowledged by a large number of sufferers cured. Letters have been received from His Excellency the Governor, Sir W. G. F. Bobinson, K.C.M.G., and from all classes of society, recommending the "Indigestion Drops." Mr. Cross is a great believer in advertising, and may be called the "Holloway of the Southern Hemisphere;" many thousands of pounds he has expended in bringing his Drops before the public by advertising and in various ways, and this year he has issued a pamphlet, making nearly three-quarters of a million copies for free distribution. The demand for his remedy has 80 extended, that he will doubtless have to devote all his time to its manufacture. The record of his life has run so smoothly that there are no salient points from which to construct a lengthened biography, and from the first it has been one of progress, interrupted by few failures. He is a member of the Homoeopathic Pharmaceutic Society of Great Britain, and a life member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australasia.