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Thomas Henry Jones,

WHO may be regarded as one of the most accomplished of South Australian organists, was born at Williamstown, Victoria, September 20, 1856. At an early age he exhibited a strong taste for music, which was encouraged by his being placed under the most competent masters for piano and harmony; his finishing tutors being Mons. Jules Meilhan, and Mr. S. P. Needham. Mr. Jones has been instrumental in developing a love for music in Adelaide, and in his capacity of organist was the first to introduce a series of "Recitals" upon our city organ. These performances, which extended over a period of three months, were attended with immense success, and several English musical papers referred in terms of approbation to the efforts thus put forth. On this subject the London Musical Times of February 1, 1885, has the following remarks:—"Mr. T. H. Jones, purely with a desire of fostering a taste for classical music, has arranged to give a series of Recitals on the Town Hall organ, Adelaide; the first of which took place on the afternoon of October 21. The programme contained Mendelssohn's Third Sonata, an Adagio by Schubert, Chopin's Funeral March, Lemmens's 'Storm Sonata,' and Handel's Concerto, No. 2. All these works were excellently played, and considering that Mr. Jones bestows his services gratuitously, we cannot but think that his efforts in the good cause deserve to be recorded and warmly acknowledged, even outside the colony, the musical education of which he has done and is still doing so much to advance." Mr. Jones is organist of the North Adelaide Congregational Church, and has likewise occupied during the last few years a similar position in connection with the leading musical societies. His numerous compositions embrace works for the piano, organ, and voices.