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The following list is a complication from the British Museum Catalogue, A. v. d. Linde's "Das erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur," the Catalogue of the Allen Chess Collection, and Heydebrand und der Lasa's catalogue of his library. I should be glad to receive full particulars of any periodicals not in the Museum for future publication.

El Ajedrez Revista Mensual, Barcelona, 1862-4, 1867-8, 8vo. Linde.
The American Chess Journal, Hannibal, 1876, 8vo. H.L.
The Amateur Chess Magazine, Vols i., ii., and vol. iii. Nos. 13-15. London, 1872-4, 8vo. B.M.
The American Chess Magazine. [Vol. i.] New York, 1847, 8vo. B.M.
Brentano's Chess Monthly, Vol. i. and vol. ii. Nos. 1-4. New York, 1881-2. B.M.
British Chess Magazine, London, 1881. &c. 8vo. B.M.
The British Chess Review. London, 1853-4, 8vo. B.M.
The Brooklyn Chess Chronicles. Brooklyn, 1882, &C., 8vo. H.L.
Bulletin of the American Chess Association. [] 1858, 8vo. Allen
Chess Messenger (in Rusian). St. Petersburg, 1885, &c., 8vo. H.L.
The Chess Monthly. Vols. i.-v. New York, 1857-61, 8vo. B.M. and Allen.
The Chess Monthly. London, 1879, &c., 8vo. B.M.
Chess Newspaper (in Russian). St. Petersburg, 1859-1863, 8vo. H.L.
Chess Newspaper (in Russian). St. Petersburg, 1876-1881, 8vo. H.L.
The Chess Palladium and Mathematical Sphinx. Nos. 1, 2. New York, 1846, 8vo. Allen.
The Chess Player. Vols i.-iv. London [1951-3]. B.M.
The Chess Player. London, 1857, 8vo. Linde. (Is this a continuation of the previous entry?)
The Chess Player's Annual. London, 1856, 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory. London, 1882, &c., 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Chronicle. Vol. i. No. 1 to series iii. vol. iv. No. 43. London, 1841-62. 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Magazine. 5 vols. London, 1863-7, 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle (after 1871 "The Chess Player's Chronicle'). York, Lincoln, and London, 1868, &c. 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Record. Philadelphia, 1873, fol. Linde.
The Chess World. Vols. i.-iv. London, 1866-9, 8vo. B.M.
The City of London Chess Magazine. London, 1875-6, 8vo. B.M.
La Cronica de Ajedrez. Vol. i. Mexico, 1878, 8vo. Linde.
Deutpche Schachzeitung. Leipzig, 1846-8, 8vo. Linde.
Die Brüderscbaft, machliches Wochenblatt von A. Heyde. Braunschweig, 1885, &c., 8vo. H. L.
The Dubuque Chess Journal. 7 [vols. Dubuque, 1870-6, 8vo. Linde.
L'Echiquier. Paris, 1869, 18mo. Linde.
L'Echiquier d'Aix. Aix, 1878, &c., 8vo. H. L.
The Gambit. New York, 1859, fol. Linde.
The Hartford Chess Magazine. Hartford, 1875, 8vo. Linde.
The Household Chess Magazine. Nos. 1-3. Manchester, 1865, 8vo. B.M.
Jahrbuch des westdeutschen Schachbundes. Leipzig, 1862, 8vo. B.M.
The International Chess Magazine. New York, 1885, &c., 8vo. H. L.
The Irish Chess Chronicle. Dublin, 1887, &c., 8vo.
Magdeburger Schachzeitung. Vol. i. Magdeburg, 1849, 8vo. Allen.
Mannheimer Schachzeitung. Mannheim, 1881-2, 8vo. H. L.
The Maryland Chess Review. [], 1874, 8vo. Linde.
Neue Berliner Schachzeitung. 8 Bde. Berlin, 1864-71. Allen.
Nordisk Shaktidende. Aarg 1-9. Kjobenhavn, 1873-81, 8vo. B.M.
La Nuova Revista degli Scacchi. Livorno, 1876, &c., 8vo. Linde.
Oesterreichische Schachzeitung. 4 Bde. Wien, 1872-5, 8vo. Linde.
Le Palamede. 11 tom. Paris, 1836-47, 8vo. B.M.
The Palamede. London, 1840-1. Linde.
The Philidorian. Charleston, 1869, 16mo. Linde.
The Philidorian. London, 1838, 8vo. B.M.
Le Philidorien. Paris, 1868, 18mo. Linde.
Le Pion. Marseille, 1873, 8vo. Linde.
Il Puttino. Firenze, 1868, 8vo. Linde.
The Recreationist. A......Magazine of.......Chess &c. Leeds, 1873, 4to. Linde.
La Regence (afterwards 'La Nouvelle Regence,' and after 1863 'Le Palamede Français'). Paris, 1849-65 8vo. B.M.
La Revista de Ajedrez. Montevideo, 1880, &c., 8vo. Linde.
La Rivista degli Scacchi. Roma, 1859, 8vo.
Schachalmanach. Jahrg. i. Leipzig, 1846, 8vo. B.M.
Schachzeitung (after 1871 'Deutsche Schachzeitung') Berlin, Leipzig, 1846, &c., 8vo. B.M.
Schweizerische Schachzeitung. Chur, 1857-9, 8vo. Allen.
Sissa Maandschrift voor het Schaakspel (afterwards De Schaakwerld). Wijk bij Duurstede, 1847-75, 8vo. B.M.
Sonntags-Blatter für Schach-Freunde. Nos. 1-35. Leipzig, 1861, 8vo. B.M.
Le Sphinx. Journal dee echecs. Vol. i. and vol. ii. Nos. 1-18. Paris, 1865-6, 8vo. B.M.
La Strategic. Paris, 1867, &c., 8vo. B.M.
The Sussex Chess Magazine. Nos. 1-13. Brighton 1882-3, 8vo. H.L.
The Westminster Chess Club Papers (after vol. i. 'The Westminster Papers'). Vols. i.-xi. London, 1868-79, 4to. B.M.
Wiener Schach-Zeitung. Jahrg i. Nos. 1-6. Wien, 1855, 8vo. B.M.

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