Hymns for the Coronation of His Majesty King Edward VII/O God, Who, in the Days of Old

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No. 2.

O God, Who, in the Days of Old.

No. 2.

Words by Rev. A. C. Ainger.

Music by Sir Walter Parratt,

Master of the Music to His Majesty the King, Organist of
St. George's Chapel, Windsor. Specially composed for this Hymn.

<< \override Score.TimeSignature #'stencil = ##f \override Score.BarNumber #'break-visibility = #'#(#f #f #f) \new Staff { \key d \major \time 4/2 \partial 2 << \new Voice = "Sop" \relative d'' { \stemUp d2 | fis,2. fis4 a2 g | fis e d \bar "||" d | \break
  g fis b ais | cis2. cis4 cis2 \bar "||" cis | e2. d4 cis2 b \break
  g2. g4 fis2 \bar "||" b | a d g, fis | e2. e4 d2 \bar "||" \cadenzaOn g1 fis \bar "||" }
\new Voice \relative f' { \stemDown fis2 | d2. d4 fis2 e | d cis d b
  d d fis fis | eis2. eis4 fis2 fis | e2. fis4 g2 fis
  e2. d4 cis2 d | e fis cis d | d2. cis4 d2 \cadenzaOn d1 d } >> }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "Sop" { _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A -- men. }
\new Staff << \clef bass \key d \major \new Voice \relative d' { \stemUp d2 | d2. d4 a2 b | a g fis fis |
  b a d cis | cis2. b4 ais2 ais | b2. b4 e2 d |
  cis2. b4 ais2 fis | a a a a | b2. a4 fis2 \cadenzaOn b1 a }
\new Voice \relative d { \stemDown d2 | b'2. b4 fis2 g | a a, b b |
  b d d fis | cis2. cis4 fis2 fis | g2. fis4 e2 e |
  e2. e4 fis2 | b, cis d e fis | g2. a4 d,2 \cadenzaOn g,1 d' } >>

1O God, Who, in the days of old,
Didst raise up David from the fold,
Who didst to David's son impart
A wise and understanding heart.

2O King of Kings, to-day look down
From heaven Thy dwelling-place, and crown
With blessings from Thy throne outpoured,
Thy servant, and our sovereign lord.

3Bless him with health, and length of days,
With wealth and power, with fame and praise;
Bless with the crown all crowns above,
His people's trust, his people's love.

4Let truth and justice, joy and peace,
Through all his world-wide realms increase;
And send him from Thy holy place
Thy saving help, Thy favouring grace.

5Bless Thou our King, and with him bless
With lifelong health and happiness,
And children's children at her knee,
The mother of our kings to be.

6So we, for whom Thou dost provide,
The flock Thou deignest, Lord, to guide,
With grateful hearts, and loud acclaim,
Will laud and magnify Thy name. Amen.

If a well known tune be thought desirable, this hymn may be sung to A. & M., Nos. 347 ,or 129.