O crewell causere of vndeseruyd chaunce

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f. 74r

O crewell causere of vndeseruyd chaunce
By great desyer inconstantlye to raygne
ys this your way ffor proffe of stedffastnes
perde ye knowe the thynge was not so straung
5by fformer proff to myche my ffaythffuln []
what nedythe then suche colleryd dobbylnes
I haue waylid thus wepping in nyghtly payne
in sobbis and syghis alas and all in vayne
in inward playnt and hartes woffull toment
10& yet alas lo creweltye and disdayne
haue set at nought a ffaythfull trewe intent
and pryce hathe pryvylege truthe to present
But thoughe I serue & to my dethe styll morne
and pen me in pecys though I be torne
15& though I dye yeldyng my weryed gost
shall neuer thyng agayne mak me to torne
I quyt the interpryse of that that I haue lost
to whom so euer lyst ffor to proffere most