Official Code of Georgia Annotated/Title 1/Chapter 2

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  • Section 1: Classes of persons generally; “natural person” defined; corporations deemed artificial persons; nature of corporations generally.
  • Section 2: Categories of natural persons.
  • Section 3: Duration of citizenship.
  • Section 4: Right of expatriation.
  • Section 5: Reacquisition of citizenship by expatriated persons and descendants.
  • Section 6: Rights of citizens generally.
  • Section 7: Rights of female citizens generally.
  • Section 8: Rights of minors.
  • Section 9: Rights of citizens of the United States while in this state generally.
  • Section 10: Rights of citizens of other states or nations to sue or give evidence.
  • Section 11: Rights of aliens generally; purchase, holding, and conveyance of realty.

Cross references.—Duty of General Assembly to enact laws to protect rights, privileges, and immunities due citizens of state, Ga. Const. 1983, Art. I, Sec. I, Para. VII.

Editor’s notes.—By resolution (Ga. L. 1986, p. 529), the General Assembly designated the English language as the official language of the State of Georgia.

Law reviews.—For annual survey of trial practice and procedure, see 56 Mercer L. Rev. 433 (2004).



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