Oliver Twist

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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Treats Of The Place Where Oliver Twist Was Born And Of The Circumstances Attending His Birth
  2. Chapter 2: Treats Of Oliver Twist's Growth, Education, And Board
  3. Chapter 3: Relates How Oliver Twist Was Very Near Getting A Place Which Would Not Have Been A Sinecure
  4. Chapter 4: Oliver, Being Offered Another Place, Makes His First Entry Into Public Life
  5. Chapter 5: Oliver Mingles With New Associates. Going To A Funeral For The First Time, He Forms An Unfavourable Notion Of His Master's Business
  6. Chapter 6: Oliver, Being Goaded By The Taunts Of Noah, Rouses Into Action, And Rather Astonishes Him
  7. Chapter 7: Oliver Continues Refractory
  8. Chapter 8: Oliver Walks To London. He Encounters On The Road A Strange Sort Of Young Gentleman
  9. Chapter 9: Containing Further Particulars Concerning The Pleasant Old Gentleman, And His Hopeful Pupils
  10. Chapter 10: Oliver Becomes Better Acquainted With The Characters Of His New Associates; And Purchases Experience At A High Price. Being A Short, But Very Important Chapter, In This History
  11. Chapter 11: Treats Of Mr. Fang The Police Magistrate; And Furnishes A Slight Specimen Of His Mode Of Administering Justice
  12. Chapter 12: In Which Oliver Is Taken Better Care Of Than He Ever Was Before. And In Which The Narrative Reverts To The Merry Old Gentleman And His Youthful Friends.
  13. Chapter 13: Some New Acquaintances Are Introduced To The Intelligent Reader, Connected With Whom Various Pleasant Matters Are Related, Appertaining To This History
  14. Chapter 14: Comprising Further Particulars Of Oliver's Stay At Mr. Brownlow's, With The Remarkable Prediction Which One Mr. Grimwig Uttered Concerning Him, When He Went Out On An Errand
  15. Chapter 15: Showing How Very Fond Of Oliver Twist, The Merry Old Jew And Miss Nancy Were
  16. Chapter 16: Relates What Became Of Oliver Twist, After He Had Been Claimed By Nancy
  17. Chapter 17: Oliver's Destiny Continuing Unpropitious, Brings A Great Man To London To Injure His Reputation
  18. Chapter 18: How Oliver Passed His Time In The Improving Society Of His Reputable Friends
  19. Chapter 19: In Which A Notable Plan Is Discussed And Determined On
  20. Chapter 20: Wherein Oliver Is Delivered Over To Mr. William Sikes
  21. Chapter 21: The Expedition
  22. Chapter 22: The Burglary
  23. Chapter 23: Which Contains The Substance Of A Pleasant Conversation Between Mr. Bumble And A Lady; And Shows That Even A Beadle May Be Susceptible On Some Points
  24. Chapter 24: Treats On A Very Poor Subject. But Is A Short One, And May Be Found Of Importance In This History
  25. Chapter 25: Wherein This History Reverts To Mr. Fagin And Company
  26. Chapter 26: In Which A Mysterious Character Appears Upon The Scene; And Many Things, Inseparable From This History, Are Done And Performed
  27. Chapter 27: Atones For The Unpoliteness Of A Former Chapter; Which Deserted A Lady, Most Unceremoniously
  28. Chapter 28: Looks After Oliver, And Proceeds With His Adventures
  29. Chapter 29: Has An Introductory Account Of The Inmates Of The House, To Which Oliver Resorted
  30. Chapter 30: Relates What Oliver's New Visitors Thought Of Him
  31. Chapter 31: Involves A Critical Position
  32. Chapter 32: Of The Happy Life Oliver Began To Lead With His Kind Friends
  33. Chapter 33: Wherein The Happiness Of Oliver And His Friends, Experiences A Sudden Check
  34. Chapter 34: Contains Some Introductory Particulars Relative To A Young Gentleman Who Now Arrives Upon The Scene; And A New Adventure Which Happened To Oliver
  35. Chapter 35: Containing The Unsatisfactory Result Of Oliver's Adventure; And A Conversation Of Some Importance Between Harry Maylie And Rose
  36. Chapter 36: Is A Very Short One, And May Appear Of No Great Importance In Its Place, But It Should Be Read Notwithstanding, As A Sequel To The Last, And A Key To One That Will Follow When Its Time Arrives
  37. Chapter 37: In Which The Reader May Perceive A Contrast, Not Uncommon In Matrimonial Cases
  38. Chapter 38: Containing An Account Of What Passed Between Mr. And Mrs. Bumble, And Mr. Monks, At Their Nocturnal Interview
  39. Chapter 39: Introduces Some Respectable Characters With Whom The Reader Is Already Acquainted, And Shows How Monks And The Jew Laid Their Worthy Heads Together
  40. Chapter 40: A Strange Interview, Which Is A Sequel To The Last Chamber
  41. Chapter 41: Containing Fresh Discoveries, And Showing That Surprises, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone
  42. Chapter 42: An Old Acquaintance Of Oliver's, Exhibiting Decided Marks Of Genius, Becomes A Public Character In The Metropolis
  43. Chapter 43: Wherein Is Shown How The Artful Dodger Got Into Trouble
  44. Chapter 44: The Time Arrives For Nancy To Redeem Her Pledge To Rose Maylie. She Fails.
  45. Chapter 45: Noah Claypole Is Employed By Fagin On A Secret Mission
  46. Chapter 46: The Appointment Kept
  47. Chapter 47: Fatal Consequences
  48. Chapter 48: The Flight Of Sikes
  49. Chapter 49: Monks And Mr. Brownlow At Length Meet. Their Conversation, And The Intelligence That Interrupts It
  50. Chapter 50: The Pursuit And Escape
  51. Chapter 51: Affording An Explanation Of More Mysteries Than One, And Comprehending A Proposal Of Marriage With No Word Of Settlement Or Pin-Money
  52. Chapter 52: Fagin's Last Night Alive
  53. Chapter 53: And Last

This work was published before January 1, 1926, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.