Omar Khadr Letter to his Brother

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in the neme of God

to my dear brothe how are you i hope you are good and in great health. and how is life hope evrything is good. and did you find a job hope soo and gangtatulation for you mariag i hope you have a happy life with her and hope to have lots of kids and raise them on the Islamic way and so you can have a happy life in this world before the hereafter and how is the weather back in Canada. I think it is getting cooler. Take good care of your self and don't give mom or grandma or paand have patience with them because they are old in age and visit home regularly and help Kareem so he can walk again. By the way what is your new address so I can write to you writing granma's address. And I wanted to ask you because my interrogator (HASOSE) told me that you sade that we rode horses with Usama's kids. You did you say that and this is not true. May God forgive you and write back soon and [redacted] about my interrogator. He says hi and congratulations on the marriage. About me I am in good health and do a little exercise and eat good and feel good and I miss you very much and hope to see you soon so we can talk and eat and have fun and have a happy life in dear Canada and all my injuries are good and about my eye nothing new and by the way happy Eid and happy Ramadhan and give my greetings to everyboyd back in Canada and to write to me and not be lazy, even one letter is good from them, and dear Abdul Rahman fear God and know that He is looking at you all the time everything and memorise lots from the Quran and take care of yourself make good use of your time and don't forget me from your prayers and I wont. Take care

Love from your brother to Abdul-Rahman

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