Omar Khadr Letter to his Mother

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To my dear mother,

Assalamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

How are you, mother, and how is your health? I pray to God that you are in the best of circumstances and in good health. What is the news of my brothers and sisters and my father? I pray to God that you are all well.

Forgive me, O mother, for not having written letters to you all because I didn’t know your address. As I write to you, my hand is shaking; I don’t know if it’s due to happiness or sadness. Mother, in your next letter, write to me with news of my father and brothers and sisters and what is happening to them. I know that they are well but give me a few more details and also about Safiyya; I often see her in my dreams and Abdul Karim and the others occasionally. How are Zainab, Abdullah and Mariam?

God knows that I am longing for you all very much and I hope to see you all soon very soon if God wills. Don’t be sad for me. I am in good health; all praise is due to God. My injuries have improved and I am exercising and eating. All I lack is your company. When I was captured, in the first few days, I was asleep and I heard your voice; I got up and I couldn’t find you. I pray to God to write our reward for us. Make your intentions sincere for Him and do not be angry with what God has decreed. Everything happens by the decree of God and His divine foreordainment. We ask God to accept our supplications.

I ask all my brothers and sisters and friends to forgive me. Mother, know that man suffers for his faith and continues to suffer until he walks the earth free from sin, so be patient and hope for God’s reward in the hereafter. I will be released; there is no doubt about it. I pray to God for it to happen very soon.

How is Mariam? Does she have measles or a small tumour? I pray to God that she is well. How is your health, mother? Don’t be sad, A God is with us and every believer. Be happy, because after night, there is always a new dawn and a brilliant sun for Islam and the Muslims.

O mother, be happy because I memorised the whole Qur’an in […]. I saw one of my uncle’s in my dream. He had a white face, it was illuminated and he was happy. Don’t forget me in your prayers. I never have and never will forget any of you in mine. Increase your obedience to God for no calamity befalls us except what God has written for us as well as that which is the result of our sins.

With love, my dear mother. Was-salaamu ‘alaikum and greetings for the last four Eids that have gone by.

Omar Ahmed Khdar, 18/6/2004

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