On the Nature of the Scholar

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On the Nature of the Scholar
by Johann Gottlieb Fichte, translated by William Smith

Original title: Ueber das Wesen des Gelehrten (1806).

Title page, 1806.

Author's preface[edit]

These Lectures make no claim to the character of a Literary Work such as I have endeavoured to depict in the tenth of them, but are spoken discourses, which I commit to the press in the hope that they may thus be useful to some who had no opportunity of hearing them. They may also be considered as a new and improved edition of the Lectures on the Vocation of the Scholar, which I published twelve years ago;—the task being executed in such a manner as was possible under the conditions laid upon me. And were I called to account for the way in which I have fulfilled my vocation as a public teacher in Erlangen, I should have no objection to these Lectures being taken as an element in the judgment. Further, I have nothing to say about them to the reading public, with whom I feel a constantly increasing dislike to hold communication.

Berlin, January 1806.

Table of contents[edit]

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