Once a Week (magazine)/Series 1/Volume 11/Horses and horse copers

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Every now and then some question comes on for public discussion in the most mysterious manner; it rises by imperceptible gradations, and gradually involves the newspaper and literary press in its discussion. Of late the question of the day has been that of horses. Have horses deteriorated? Is our system of handicapping leading to the production of worthless weedy animals? Is Ireland losing all her best blood? The vehemence with which these questions have been discussed shows the interest the national mind takes in them, and the wonderful diversity of opinion that is entertained upon them.

Whilst, therefore, the public attention is thus directed to the noble animal, we may perhaps be permitted to say a few words respecting them without touching the more prominent points in dispute. The Londoner, whether his avocation lies among horseflesh or not, believes he knows something about the matter, and perhaps with some reason,—for is there not a permanent horse-show in Hyde Park every season, where he sees finer specimens of the animal, and in greater numbers, than the world can show besides? Yet if you test the Londoners’ knowledge of horses, Page:Once a Week Jun to Dec 1864.pdf/469 Page:Once a Week Jun to Dec 1864.pdf/470 Page:Once a Week Jun to Dec 1864.pdf/471 Page:Once a Week Jun to Dec 1864.pdf/472 Page:Once a Week Jun to Dec 1864.pdf/473