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Since the occurrence of the great earthquakes at Manilla, on the 3rd of June last, the following have been recorded:—

On the 19th of June, at noon, and an hour after, two shocks were felt at Anatolai, and the surrounding country, east of Constantinople; and on the 25th, at Rhodes, a slight shock, accompanied by subterraneous bellowings (mugissements).

At Jamaica and Spanish Town, two strong shocks are reported to have occurred recently, but no precise date is given.

On the 21st of August, at 5h. 15m. a.m., at Setif in Algeria, the earth was slightly agitated during a period of about ten seconds. On the same day at 11 p.m., a shock was felt at Palmi and at Gerace, in Calabria; and a slighter one in the same locality at 9 o’clock on the following evening.

At Mont Dore (Puy de Dôme), between September 18, 6h. 20m., p.m., and September 19, 3h. 5m., p.m., eighteen shocks were felt, five of them so strong as to terrify the population, who in consequence passed a part of the night in the streets; and between 7h. 15m., p.m. on the 19th, and 5h. 8m., p.m. on the 20th, seventeen fresh oscillations, some of which, especially those that occurred during the night of the 19th, again compelled the inhabitants to quit their houses and bivouac in the street. These phenomena were accompanied by a noise resembling the roll of distant thunder.

Concerning the slight shock we in England have lately experienced, enough—perhaps too much—has been already said. The editor of a French scientific journal remarks, “Aucun incident qui mérite d’être relevé n’est cité dans les longues correspondances des journaux anglais.”

J. C.