Oral Literature in the Digital Age: Archiving Orality and Connecting with Communities

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1. The Archive Strikes Back: Effects of Online Digital Language Archiving on Research Relations and Property Rights
Thomas Widlok
2. Access and Accessibility at ELAR, a Social Networking Archive for Endangered Languages Documentation
David Nathan
3. Multiple Audiences and Co-Curation: Linking an Ethnographic Archive of Endangered Oral Traditions to Contemporary Contexts
Judith Aston and Paul Matthews
  • II. Engagements and Reflections from the Field
4. Researchers as Griots? Reflections on Multimedia Fieldwork in West Africa
Daniela Merolla and Felix Ameka, in collaboration with Kofi Dorvlo
5. American Indian Oral Literature, Cultural Identity and Language Revitalisation: Some Considerations for Researchers
Margaret Field
6. Ecuador’s Indigenous Cultures: Astride Orality and Literacy
Jorge Gómez Rendón
7. From Shrine to Stage: A Personal Account of the Challenges of Archiving the Tejaji Ballad of Rajasthan
Madan Meena
8. Mongghul Ha Clan Oral History Documentation
Ha Mingzong , Ha Mingzhu and C. K. Stuart

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