Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 16

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Number 1 (March)[edit]

Number 2 (June)[edit]

  • The Open Rivers Number. by F. G. Young
  • The Celebration of the Open Columbia. by Marshall N. Dana
  • The Celilo Canal--Its Origin--Its Building and Meaning. by Marshall N. Dana
  • Address of Joseph N. Teal
  • The Dalles-Celilo Portage: Its History and Influence. by T. C. Elliott
  • Address of Welcome at The Dalles Celilo Canal Celebration, Wallula, May 4th. by William D. Lyman
  • Story of the River--Its Place in Northwest History. by Henry L. Talkington
  • Address of Joseph N. Teal at Dedicatory Exercises on the Formal Opening of the Oregon City Locks and Canal at Oregon City, May 6, 1915

Number 3 (September)[edit]

Number 4 (December)[edit]

  • The Last Step in the Formation of a Provisional Government for Oregon in 1845. by Robert Carlton Clark
  • John Minto: A Tribute by One Who Loved Him. by John Gill
  • Indian Words in Our Language. by J. Neilson Barry
  • Early Farming in Umatilla County. by C. A. Barrett
  • Captain Joseph R. Walker. by James O'Meara (bio)
  • Speech of Mr. Eli Thayer on the Admission of Oregon As a State
  • "Review"--1. by F. G. Young
  • Correspondence of the Reverend Ezra Fisher..... ed. by Henderson, Latourette, Latourette