Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 25

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Number 1 (March)[edit]

  • The California and Oregon Trail, 1849-1860. by Amos William Hartman
  • James Colnett and the "Princess Royal". by Ralph S. Kuykendall
  • Reminiscences of Colonel Henry Ernst Dosch. by Fred Lockley
  • A Hudson's Bay Company Contract for Hawaiian Labor. by George Verne Blue
  • Memorial Tribute to Governor Theodore T. Geer. by Judge Peter H. D'Arcy

Number 2 (June)[edit]

  • Exercises on the Occasion of the Dedication and Unveiling of the Equestrian Statue "The Circuit Rider". by Charles H. Carey
    • The Invocation. by Thomas Jefferson Villers
    • Donor's Letter to the Governor of Oregon. by R. A. Booth
    • Acceptance for the State by Governor Walter M. Pierce
    • The Christian Minister and the State. by Rev. Bishop William O. Shepard
    • The American Pioneer. by Joseph N. Teal
  • History of the Educational Activities of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Oregon. by Charles E. Lewis
  • Journal of a Trip across the Plains, 1851. by P. V. Crawford
  • "Errata"

Number 3 (September)[edit]

Number 4 (December)[edit]

  • Early Days on the Willamette. by Fred S. Perrine
  • Address by Honorable Binger Hermann at Port Orford Homecoming and Pioneer Reunion
  • The History of the Oregon and California Railroad--II. by John Tilson Ganoe
  • The McNemees and Tetherows with the Migration of 1845: Organization Documents of That Migration. by Fred Lockley
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology of Oregon Pioneers". by Geo. H. Himes
  • "Index"